HP Omen 15-5000nd (K1R02EA) Review: Mobile gaming laptop

When the HP brand you may think of the Pavilion laptops, the luxury Envy or perhaps business EliteBook laptops, but not gaming machines. The Omen 15-5000nd (K1R02EA) HP wants to change this and of course we went to work with a nice test model.

The gaming market is growing and that many companies want a piece of the pie, which also applies to HP. Despite the fact that this brand one of the superpowers in the IT market, actually it did the last time no longer included in the market for gaming computers. Recently, this has changed. The Omen we discuss here the focus is not on the lowest segment. Our test model costs 1899 euro and that is a pretty decent amount.

For that money you get a pretty slim 15.6-inch Full HD laptop. The slim shape is partly due to the lack of a DVD drive, a facility where many competing models even by such. The design is also different than different and that starts with the specially designed box. The oblique angles are also continued in the design of the laptop. A bit of the edge is typically between the screen and the keyboard. Which is silver and blue ends if the machine has become too hot.

Function keys, Full HD Touch

Even when you flip open the laptop, it’s all just a bit different than we are accustomed. The touchpad is extra wide, but the eye is immediately on the 6 special function keys on the left side of the keyboard. By combining the keys Shift, Alt, Fn and Ctrl as you have access to up to 30 shortcuts.

There you can hide all sorts of functions among and through the use of profiles, you can also switch between different functions of the keys. You do this using the HP Omen Control. That’s the same panel where you will also find the lighting functions. The lighting can only settle on the top around the keyboard and ‘outlets’ on the back. There are seven areas in which you can determine the color and if you can see the lights in the speakers ‘breathing’.

HP Omen 15-5000nd (K1R02EA) Review: Mobile gaming laptop

HP Omen 15-5000nd (K1R02EA) as said a 15.6 inch laptop, obviously with a very attractive Full HD display. It’s just a shame that HP for our opinion just a somewhat unfortunate choice made. Indeed, it is equipped with an IPS panel touch, combined with a glossy finish. Of course, that looks pretty nice, but the downside is that under imperfect lighting conditions you no longer need rearview mirror. In addition, touch perhaps a nice gimmick, but unnecessary for most gamers. On the other hand, you could probably say that HP is not this die-hard gamers will address but more buyers of a luxury laptop that want something different in appearance.

HP has collected almost all the connections on the back of the laptop. If you connect a lot of things that naturally looks quite neat, disadvantage is that you always have to look behind the screen to connect something with the laptop. On the back you will find a total of four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and Mini DisplayPort connector. On the right, an SD card slot is mounted. Omen of the weight is 2.17 pounds, making it for a laptop of this size certainly not a heavyweight.

The thin shape of the HP Omen 15-5000nd (K1R02EA) you might think that it has been sparingly with the hardware. That is not the case. No extra efficient dual-core Intel Core i7 ‘under the hood, but an ordinary quad-core Intel Core i7-4710HQ. A processor which is also very suitable to use it for real heavy duty applications. He also is combined with a GeForce GTX 860m.

That’s a graphics processor that can be based on a GM107 (Maxwell) or GK104 (Kepler) generation core. In the case of these HP opted for the more modern Maxwell processor with 640 CUDA cores operating at 1.253 GHz and this is a 128-bit bus available. In addition, the processor has the ability to use 4GB GDDR5.

HP Omen 15-5000nd (K1R02EA) Review: Mobile gaming laptop

For SSD HP has made a nice choice, namely the Samsung XP941 in 512GB version. M.2 a PCI-Express SSD and that is also reflected in the performance. It is a nice fast disk. HP has built no permanent network connection. WiFi is of course available. It is the Intel Wireless-N 7260. This is a dual-band 802.11n adapter that can get up to 300 Mbit / s. Not a bad choice, but it is unfortunate that there could be installed in a laptop with a price of 1899 euro no 802.11ac adapter. Minus is also known that this laptop is not very easy to open, the screws sit under a rubber edge and can replace cumbersome after removal.


One of the most important aspects of a laptop is the screen. We therefore measured separately, using SpectraCal Calman 5 analysis and X-Rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter.

First a brief characteristics: the screen of the HP Omen 15-5000nd is one of the IPS type, which has excellent viewing angles. The diagonal is 15.6 inches and the resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, which the pixel density equivalent to 141PPI. That is a nice resolution to work with, although it is true that small picture elements can eyes without scaling.

Subsequently, the measurements. We first look at the color mixing and range. It is important that the brightness in gray from black to the whitest point goes nicely proportionate. In addition, the distribution of the primary colors red, green, and blue is important. Finally, we look at the color fastness, color temperature, brightness and contrast of the panel.

HP Omen 15-5000nd (K1R02EA) Review: Mobile gaming laptop

The three basic colors in the greyscale apart, but walk nicely proportional to each other, so there is only a light blue hue visible in gray views. The joint range of these three colors is just a little too high by 2.3. That is caused by a too dark portion between 10 and 60 percent white, which is partially compensated by a light to 90 percent white. As a result, the differences between these areas greater than desired, although the differences are small. The desired gamma value is 2.20.

The colors show true results. These are almost perfect in the sRGB color space, where even the intermediate colors are properly in place. Calibration is therefore almost not even necessary. Even outliers in the relative brightness of the colors are absent, which is a very good point. Through this performance are all colors neatly below the DeltaE94 three points, which is very good. About the color reproduction we are therefore satisfied.

The color temperature of 7327 Kelvin deviates slightly from the ideal value for the most applications of 6500 Kelvin. This is a light blue color cast visible, which we already saw in the range measurement. The maximum screen brightness is 360 cd / m² fine. In addition, the contrast is also good with 857: 1, which is a great value for an IPS panel. A contrast of 500: 1 for a laptop is normal.

On the screen in the HP Omen 15-5000nd we are very satisfied. Apart from the somewhat fluctuating gamma values of the screen shows exceptionally good results. This makes this notebook very suitable for color critical work. After calibration of the gamma values of the color reproduction was quite perfect.


After the HP Omen 15-5000nd (K1R02EA) viewed to have you get a special feeling. Because even though the device is presented as a gaming machine, that is what we are concerned at all. Although he looks different than we are of most laptops of this brand are used to and he also tends clearly towards the design of a true gaming machine, but it is through the screen and the GeForce GTX 860m yet not just.

The average price of 1899 euros is a lot of money for money, despite the beautiful and fast 512 GB of PCI-Express SSD. If you go for gaming then there would be more focus should be on the card and then that may make quite a bit better performance for the money. It is also a pity that there is no 802.11ac built into this definitely not cheap laptop.

On the other hand it might be a model for the buyer of a luxury laptop could appeal, especially if you’re looking for a relatively slim, but quite full 15.6 inch laptop with easy storage. In other words, if you’re looking for a powerful mobile laptop then this is quite an interesting choice.

HP Omen 15-5000nd (K1R02EA) Review: Mobile gaming laptop updated: February 15, 2015 author: John Malkovich