HP Chromebook 14 (Neon Green) review: fresh colors

HP Chromebook 14 (Neon Green) review: fresh colors

It is available in cheerful bright colors, the HP Chromebook 14 x004nd. A laptop made for whom a lot of internet use. Equipped with an Nvidia K1 processor and WiFi 802.11ac he also fine papers for that.

ChromeOS, Google operating system alongside other Android is not much more than a browser. That could be seen as a limitation, but as Johan Cruyff once said: “Every disadvantage has its advantage. The only limitation of the browser and not much more than the bare necessities ChromeOS is very efficient. You can see that back in most of these machines. They are relatively inexpensive hardware but technically not very exciting.

You can see it here again. This model is powered by a 32-bit quad-core Nvidia Tegra K1 combined with 2GB of memory and 16GB eMMC storage capacity. Plus, you can use 2 years 100GB Google Drive storage. Although some applications is an offline version, you sure as an Internet connection is working fine with this laptop. The screen has a size of 14 inches wide and comfortable enough to also work longer without having the feeling to be at the priegelen. And weight of 1.62 pounds is that you can take too easy transportation. It is fixed as no surprise that it is provided with a TN display with 1366×768 resolution.

HP Chromebook 14 (Neon Green) review: fresh colors

HP Chromebook 14: Technique

In terms of connectivity the Chromebook 14 HP provides two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 connectivity. HDMI is a standard connection available and the device still further provides a slot for MicroSD memory cards. Furthermore you have 802.11ac with two antenna terminals, allowing you easy wireless connection via both 5GHz 802.11ac and 802.11n on the same frequency at 2.4 GHz can set. The work that this HP provides is best to call pleasant. The keyboard has been given sufficient space and the keyboard feels good. Downside is the plastic used. That is not in all places equally thick and hence the relatively low price for this product is literally feel a bit.

If you look at it from the inside than is the massive integration. Here is nothing to upgrade or replace, except for the battery.

HP Chromebook 14 (Neon Green) review: fresh colors

HP Chromebook 14: Achievements

Previously we tested the Acer Chromebook CB5-311-T0Z8 with Nvidia K1 processor. The performance of the HP reasonably with that model from Acer. It is in some tests could switch a little penny. But if we look at the total score than the HP doing just a little less than that model. The faster models in the chart – like its predecessor – are equipped with dual-core Intel processors and offer the relatively powerful processor cores improved performance, especially since these benchmarks – because they are based browser – only use one core at a time.

HP Chromebook 14: Battery Life

The working time of the battery is in our opinion in the case of a Chromebook is a very important part. We test these devices on a relatively heavy way. You will therefore in practice can achieve a much higher score. This HP has a working time of more than six hours. As you can see in the graph, that is quite a good score, but slightly less than its predecessor with more powerful Intel technology on board.

HP Chromebook 14 (Neon Green) review: fresh colors

HP Chromebook 14: Conclusion

For around 300 euros you get a very nice colored laptop, created for Internet use. HP has thus put an interesting choice on the market for those looking for a simple computer with internet access.

However, if you look at the competition it is quite another picture. Its predecessor is faster, partly because browsers mainly use only one window and the work carried out by a single processor core, and provides a longer battery life. The latter is even more important than the Acer Chromebook 13 CB4-311-T0Z8 (review) with a comparable Nvidia K1 processor a better choice because of the (much) better battery life.

HP Chromebook 14 (Neon Green) review: fresh colors updated: January 18, 2015 author: John Malkovich