ASUS makes available Strix 7.1 True Surround

ASUS makes available Strix 7.1 True Surround

ASUS today announced the availability of high-end gaming headphones Strix 7.1 True Surround, characterized by a high level of quality thanks to the presence of 10 separate drivers are able to provide a surround sound incredibly addictive addition to stunning neon light to better express their own style game.

Strix 7.1 headphones are equipped with a station audio USB plug-and-play functionality with amplifier and to the elimination of 90% of ambient noise to allow detection of the sound clarity image. In addition, four profiles of sound range allow you to customize the sound according to the selected game.

Strix – a term that derives from the Latin and ancient greek to indicate the owl – is the brand chosen by ASUS to distinguish this new variety of unique gaming products. The brand intends Strix evoke strong sensory characteristics such as hearing and refined a keen sight and the ability to perceive the environment to allow the player to detect even the slightest movement, and react accordingly. Strix translates, therefore, the ability to survive thanks to a keen instinct, innate gift for all players.

Strix headphones offer 7.1 surround sound incredibly realistic, able to considerably improve the game experience. The high build quality enriched with 10 drivers separated magnetic neodymium – five individual drivers in each earpiece – allows you to get a true 7.1-channel surround sound. Thanks to the optimal position of each driver and the precise mechanics of acoustic chambers, the Strix 7.1 provide an audio experience that makes you feel extremely addictive gamer at the center of the action.

In addition to the incredible surround sound, Strix 7.1 also offers a stereo mode optimized for an ideal experience in listening to music or other content to two channels like YouTube videos. The stereo mode optimized uses many separate drivers present in the headphones to create a more enveloping sound and detailed than that offered by almost all stereo headphones on the market.

The presence of features to control audio allows players to easily obtain the best sound in any situation. The volume controls dedicated to each surround channel so you can optimize the sound balance in the different games or to suit your personal preference. You can also switch immediately from audio multichannel surround audio stereo and vice versa, simply by using the selector in the station USB audio.

ASUS makes available Strix 7.1 True Surround

The station audio USB plug-and-play dedicated, who also works as a USB sound card eliminates 90% of ambient sounds, ensuring clear communication during the game, without distracting background noise (such as ‘click’ on the keyboard or conversations surrounding); it also works well as a USB sound card and provides useful audio controls while playing the games.

There are four profiles of the range sound for games, named respectively mode FPS (First-Person Shooter) Gunfire, FPS mode Footsteps, Action RPG mode and Racing mode. Profiles are instantly selectable from the station USB audio and allow to obtain the best audio experience based on the type of game. For example, the mode FPS Footsteps highlights the sound of footsteps in the first-person shooter, helping players to quickly locate the enemy and gain a competitive advantage.

In addition to the dedicated switches, the station is a USB audio speaker jack HDMI that allows you to connect your speakers using the stereo or multichannel HDMI to 3.5 mm provided.

Headphones Strix 7.1 are characterized by a design of great impact, marked by extraordinary lighting effects, to better express their own style of play. The earphones feature the iconic image of the eye of the owl, which lights up during use. By pressing a dedicated button in the station USB audio, you can switch from a static effect with constant illumination in a delicate luminous effect button, and vice versa.

Designed thinking elegance but also incredibly comfortable, these headphones can be used comfortably for long gaming sessions without producing any sensation of hearing fatigue. The earphones have padding in ultra-soft spongy material with characteristics of ‘memory’ (maximum thickness of 130 mm) and are covered in leather protein highly breathable. Lightweight and easy to carry, with headphones that fold easily flatten to help with transportation, these headphones are finally provided with an auction for the detachable microphone, so you save space when not in use.

ASUS makes available Strix 7.1 True Surround updated: March 31, 2015 author: John Malkovich