Review Smartwatches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Review Smartwatches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

The first information about smartwatches Alcatel OneTouch Watch appeared in 2014.In particular, at the IFA 2014, many expected to see the product, but apparently he was still so far from being ready, that the manufacturer has decided to show it behind closed doors only to some media – hours on the stand was not. Public premiere Alcatel OneTouch Watch took place only in 2015 – at the exhibition CES. Well, the start of sales is scheduled for April this year. We were able to study an engineering sample and are willing to tell you in detail about its features.

Unlike many competitors, Alcatel did not use the operating system Android Wear and developed its own operating system for hours. The disadvantage of this approach is that, apparently, the owners of the device waits for a problem with third-party applications (if this option is, in principle, will be: while it is not). Well, plus – in compatibility with both the leading smartphone OS. The clock is not only Android-powered devices, but also with the iPhone.

To date, the owners of iPhone deprived clever clock: almost all available models on the market only work with Android-smartphone. The situation will change in April, when the market will one of the most anticipated gadgets: Apple Watch (this model, on the contrary, is only compatible with the iPhone). However, the cost of Apple Watch will start at $ 349. Alcatel clock must also be on sale for only $ 149 – a significant difference! Thus at Alcatel OneTouch Watch round screen and the metal case, whereas Apple Watch square screen. Of course, this in itself does not mean that the clock Alcatel better than Apple Watch, yes, and, besides, we are, in principle, can not compare them, because Apple Watch will appear only at the end of April. But Alcatel OneTouch Watch available for study now, so proceed.

Let’s look at the specifications of new items.

Review Smartwatches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Specifications Alcatel OneTouch Watch

  • SoC: not reported
  • Oval Touch Screen 1,22 “IPS, 240 × 204 (258 ppi)
  • Memory (RAM): not reported
  • Built-in memory: not reported
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • NFC
  • Vibrate
  • Gyro, accelerometer, altimeter, compass, heart rate transmitter
  • Li-polymer battery 210 mAh
  • Operating System: proprietary
  • Compatible with devices running Android 4.3 or newer / devices running iOS 7 or later
  • Compliance with protection IP67
  • Removable strap (width 20 mm) with integrated USB-connector
  • Dimensions ∅41,8 mm × 10,5 mm
  • Weight (with strap) 55 g

In the performance, of course, attention is drawn to the lack of information about the components responsible for the performance. Hand on heart, this option is not particularly important in the hours since high challenges they still do not want to run. Yet such silence is strange.

Let’s compare the key features of new items with devices on Android Wear, as well as the watch Samsung Gear S , running on OS Tizen and offering a different perspective on the concept of smartwatches in principle.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch LG G Watch R Samsung Gear S Motorola Moto 360
Screen round, touch, color, IPS, 1,22 “, 240 × 204 (258 ppi) circular, touch, color, P-OLED, 1,3 “, 320 × 320 (348 ppi) touch, color, curved Super AMOLED, 2,0 “, 360 × 480 (300 ppi) round, touch, color, IPS, 1,56 “, 320 × 290 (277 ppi)
Protection Yes (IP67) Yes (IP67) Yes (IP67) Yes (IP67)
Strap removable silicone removable, leather Removable silicone removable, leather
SoC (CPU) unknown Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 4 cores @ 1.2GHz 2 cores @ 1 GHz TI OMAP 3 (details not reported)
The Internet not (only via a smartphone) not (only via a smartphone) 3G / Wi-Fi not (only via a smartphone)
The Camera have not have not have not have not
Microphone, speaker have not Only microphone there is Only microphone
Compatibility devices on Android 4.3 or newer / iOS 7 or later devices on Android 4.3 or later Samsung devices on Android 4.3 or later devices on Android 4.3 or later
Operating system proprietary Android Wear Tizen Android Wear
Battery Capacity (mAh) 210 410 300 320
* Dimensions (mm) Ø41,8 × 10,5 45 × 55 × 11,1 40 × 12,5 × 58 ∅46 × 11,5
Weight (g) 55 (with strap) 61 (with strap) 83 (with strap) / 35 (without strap) 59 (with strap)

* According to the manufacturer

Detailed features Apple Watch has not yet been announced, so we are in the table do not include them. But a comparison with the clock on the Android Wear and Tizen gives rise to reflection. First of all, attention is drawn to the absence of a microphone at the OneTouch Watch. This means that the voice interaction with the clock becomes impossible. The second important point – removable strap. However, it is anticipated that users will have the choice of various straps for buying hours (including metal and promising option).

As the hero of this article is the smallest area of the screen from the competition and the smallest battery. All this, of course, makes the device less attractive. But as a plus it can be noted broad compatibility and moisture protection standard IP67. In the remaining hours in the table the same level of moisture protection, but there are quite a few models with less powerful protection.

Review Smartwatches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Well, after pre-dating let’s move on to the study of the model, who came to us for a test.

The Design

Since we had an engineering sample, no boxes and additional accessories we had not received. So we miss our traditional section “Options” and go directly to the description of the design.

So, the main feature of hours – a round screen with a resolution of 240 × 204. Why not 240 × 240?Because at the bottom of the screen there is a dead zone, as in the Moto 360. This negative data models compared to fully round LG G Watch R, and if in the case of the Moto 360, he was acquitted by the presence in the area the ambient light sensor. In Alcatel OneTouch Watch this sensor is not present, but the zone is used to exit to the main menu of the operating system. In addition, due to the OS interface design, as well as the presence of numbers and time division on the inner edge of the rim of the dead zone is not so evident.

The idea of dividing the post sentries around the screen – really very good: they visually enhance the screen and allow you to save space on the watch face. Also note that the edges of the glass slightly rounded: it is a nice detail.

Watchcase almost entirely (except for the rear surface) is made of metal. The right side is available only button: it includes the screen.Button is very tight, pressing it comes with great effort. This is probably done to ensure that the button is not pressed accidentally clothing. Still, it seems to us that the press too tight.

On the rear side of the body, we see the heart rate sensor – both in Moto 360, Samsung Gear S, Gear 2 and Gear Fit. The back cover is made of opaque plastic. From a design standpoint it is quite an interesting solution: if the body was entirely of metal, the watch would look massive. Now look focuses on the metal part, ignoring the black plastic underneath. Therefore, the clock seems thinner than they really are.

Review Smartwatches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Silicone strap attached to the body with metal hinges. Hinges made so as to also reduce body visually. However, detach the strap from the clock can not be, because at the end of one of the halves of the strap hidden plug USB. With his help, the device is charging (just insert the plug in any USB-port on the computer or charger from a smartphone).

In order to expose the plug, it is necessary as to dislocate the tip of the strap. Here, pay attention to the glue particles that are visible on the bend. Perhaps this is a feature of pre-sale sample, but if a commercial copy will be the same, then we can complain about the lack of attention to detail during assembly. In general, the idea is to charge the clock in this way – very promising, but have to pay for the convenience of the inability to change the strap.

The last thing we note in connection with the design – a metal clasp. In itself it is quite standard, but the metal slider at its end (labeled onetouch), which must be moved along the strap to adjust the size, sits too tight. To move it, we had a very great effort, and at one point even begin to doubt that the size is adjustable so.

In general, the assembly of the device gives it a low price, although at first glance, all right. In any case, once the reservation that we tested was a pre-sale sample, and possibly commercial parties such unpleasant details will be gone.

But assessing the design as a whole, we must admit that it is pretty good, but calling device is particularly stylish, too, we can not. Moto 360 hours it loses due to the less beautiful strap (in 360 he Moto Leather); Design LG G Watch R on the fan, but it is still more expressive than the Alcatel OneTouch Watch. However, if the sale will go option with a metal strap, the impression can greatly improve. Though, probably, then hours and cost will be more expensive. Now the price is still one of the main advantages.


Watches are equipped with a color touch screen round, made by technology IPS. Resolution of 240 × 204 provides a good, but not a record density of 258 pixels ppi.

The front surface of the screen is made in the form of a glass plate with a mirror-smooth surface which is resistant to scratches. Judging by the reflection of objects anti-glare display properties are good, but a little worse than the screen Google Nexus 7 (2013) . Ghosting objects reflected in the screen clock is very weak, it shows that between the layers of the screen (specifically between the outer surface of the glass and the LCD matrix) there is no air gap (screen type OGS – One Glass Solution). Due to the smaller number of boundaries (such as glass-to-air) with very different refractive indices such screens look better in high ambient light, but their repair in case cracked outer glass is much more expensive, as is necessary to change the entire screen. On the outer surface of the screen has a special oleophobic (grease repellent) coating (effective slightly worse than Google Nexus July 2013), so that fingerprints are removed considerably easier, and appear at a slower rate than in the case of conventional glass.

With manual control brightness maximum brightness was about 412 cd / m² minimum – 88 cd / m², average – 252 cd / m². The maximum brightness is high enough, then, given the excellent anti-glare properties, readability, even on a sunny day outdoors should be at a good level. For complete darkness minimum brightness may seem a tall. Automatic brightness control for a light sensor no.

Viewing angles are very good. The color temperature of the white area is 8500 K, and the deviation from the blackbody spectrum (ΔE) is 6 units. In general, it is acceptable performance for this class of consumer devices. LED Backlight with a typical range for white LED emitter with blue and yellow phosphor:

This device uses a matrix of type IPS. Micrographs show the typical structure of subpixels IPS:

For comparison, you can see the gallery micrographs screens used in mobile machinery.

Review Smartwatches Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Apparently, no properties transflective LCD matrix does not have, so the screen is visible only when the backlight.

According to the results of a clock can be said that the whole screen is good: do not change color at different angles, brightness for the winter and for indoor use is sufficient, in the summer is in full sunlight, perhaps it will be missed.

There is a feeling that the colors are a bit muted, however, it may be associated not only with the screen as such, but with the software.

Pairing with a smartphone and application Onetouch Move

To work with the clock you want to install the application Onetouch Move from Google Play Store.Find it challenging to find any “Alcatel OneTouch Watch”, or by some similar applications can not be detected. We must look Onetouch Fit, although in the application of his name is listed as Onetouch Move. Let’s hope for the start of sales of watches, this problem will be solved. And besides, there will be iOS-application that is not yet available. However, a couple of shots of him, handed down to us by representatives of developers, we are at the end of this section.

So, when you first start the clock must be connected to the smartphone. Moreover, this can be done only through the application itself, rather than through the menu Settings / Bluetooth smartphone. Once connected, you will see the main screen of the application. It displays information about our activity for the current day: the number of steps, calories burned, distance, time, mobility and sleep duration. Detailed information for each indicator we can get by clicking on the icon at the top. If we want to see a graph of the current index, then we click in the center of the screen.

It should be noted as a plus that the device distinguishes between walking and running. And as a minus – very awkward and uninformative screen with information on the phases of sleep. Even in the “Schedule” dream simply shows a solid zone, without details. But statistics on walking and running – very detailed and accurate.

That is capable of application in addition to fitness opportunities? To find it, go to the main menu.To do this, click on the icon in the upper left corner. In otkryvasheysya panel we see four items: “Toolbar”, “schedule” (in fact, with them we have already seen), “I” and “The Hours.” In the “I” is the only useful item – is “My goals.” Here you can set goals for all monitored parameters, including sleep duration.

The most interesting section of the settings – “The Hours.” Here we can set the alarm (available only fixed time, intelligent alarm not shown), change the interface dial, specify which applications a notification will be sent to the clock, and set some additional parameters (for example, to make the watch vibrates when too strong distance from a smartphone).

Should also be said about the dials. As we remember, in the Android Wear you choose from ready-dials. Alcatel on the clock, you can choose and design the arrows (or numbers), and background.Obviously, this gives a far greater number of combinations. Well, the downside is that because you can not install third-party applications the choice turns out still limited. In addition, our sample application always crashes when you try to apply the results of tuning dials, so to fully appreciate this opportunity we could not.

At the end of the conversation about smartphone apps give two screenshots with iOS-version is not available yet in the App Store. As we can see in these screenshots, the interface is quite similar, but the menu items are located at the bottom instead of the left, as in the Android-version.

Now let’s see what is the interface of the operating system and what other options do hours, in addition to the above. Outset that program function taking screenshots on the clock yet, so the screenshots we have created the old fashioned way: just photographed screen. Hence the mediocre quality pictures.


The main menu is a set of square tiles icons. A total of 14. Some of them represents the clock setting. For example, the screenshot on the right under this paragraph, you can see the red tile with the plane was. Clicking on it, we will put the clock in airplane mode, turning off all connections, and with its neighboring blue and purple tiles can be replaced with white tiles on a black and adjust the brightness (available only three options, as evidenced by three points below the icon). You can also enable or disable vibration hours (yellow tiles with a bell).

A few tiles are responsible for interaction with the smartphone: this control music playback, camera control and the search for the phone (if the smartphone is within range of the Bluetooth, then it will play music). In all cases, a very small range of features, settings are missing.

The last group of tiles is responsible for the actual hours of useful functionality: sleep tracking, compass, stopwatch, weather, heart rate measurement, the number of steps. While the application is not sufficiently optimized for Russian users: for example, the temperature is displayed in degrees Fahrenheit, not Celsius familiar to us, and you can not change it, well, that here and there there are untranslated words and abbreviations (eg, bpm, ie heart beats per minute).


With regard to notifications from your smartphone, the situation is as follows: when an incoming call, you can use the hours or discourage him, or turn off the sound and vibration, that is, to make a call silent. Options “to accept the challenge,” No, on the one hand, it is logical, and on the other hand, for users of Bluetooth-headset such a possibility would be highly desirable, as would allow to answer calls without taking your smartphone.

Another disadvantage – when you receive a text message, the screen does not turn on. That is, the clock vibrate, but the screen remains off. It is quite strange. And, in addition, messages can not be answered: no voice answers in Android Wear, no text templates.

Work Offline

The watches can work on a single charge overnight using the average degree of activity, that is, day and night. If you notice a lot, the clock may run faster. With the use of low activity hours last longer – up to one and a half days. By today’s standards – the result of the average. We have seen more long-lived and smartwatches, and less. Given that housing Alcatel OneTouch Watch is quite compact and the screen – color IPS (but still not transflective), perhaps we could consider this an acceptable figure.


First of all, we should welcome another player in the market of smartwatches. Moreover, Alcatel has chosen a very correct niche: First, get an inexpensive clock (here serious proposals in the field of smartwatches are still small), and secondly, with the widest possible compatibility. For example, functionality OneTouch Watch closest to the models do not even on Android Wear hours or Samsung, as the bracelet Samsung Gear Fit . Set the same: notification, fitness, inability to install third-party applications. Externally Alcatel OneTouch Watch bad, but wow effect as Samsung Gear Fit, not cause. Perhaps they lack some luster inherent top products.

However, Alcatel OneTouch Watch is one big trump card: support for smartphones as Android, and on iOS. In addition, an intuitive and simple interface proprietary OS Alcatel OneTouch Watch significantly superior to both the free Android Wear, but does not have such opportunities to obtain information from the Internet.

As a negative note as non-removable silicone straps (with metallic look forward to!), Faulty build quality and a number of shortcomings on the part of the software (though it can be corrected at the time of the start of sales).f

Review Smartwatches Alcatel OneTouch Watch updated: April 6, 2015 author: John Malkovich