Once we have got acquainted with the body of the company GMC, remind them was GMC H200 PHOONG V. Upon review, the body like he was quite thoughtful and most importantly, enjoy its price. In any case, H200 PHOONG V may appeal not all, it is quite massive and highly adapted to the installation of water cooling systems. So today, we will introduce the following candidate from the company GMC.

The descriptive information about GMC TITAN does not have any statements or proximate to its location on the market, the more interesting it will be familiar. Supplied boxed body average sizes, of course in relation to the body packing. Inside the case is held, have become standard, a pair of foam holders. It should be noted at once, packing quite easily, this is primarily due to the weight and material of the body.

Supplied hidden in the body and be honest does not possess abundance. Here we can find the screws for fastening and several compact ties, of course, they can help to tuck the wires, but a great option for me are not enough.

According to the descriptive part of the package, the body can be represented in two colors: black and white. Maximum dimensions are 190x415x415 millimeters, which allows justified to refer it to Midi-Tower segment.

In general, the design of GMC TITAN fairly standard and does not claim to uniqueness. Is that the upper bound of the front panel is made in an interesting way, at an angle. Through the face and the upper part are two plastic guides, they give the body narrowed to angular edges and notches on the side covers, on the contrary slightly inflated volume.


The reverse side of the body particularly unremarkable. Here we can see the presence of one 120mmventelyatora. The housing allows you to install up to 7 expansion cards, of course if it’s just allow your motherboard. There is a couple of predefined holes for water cooling system hoses.

Located on the side of the viewing window, it is in the form of a rectangle and displays the area of the CPU cooler to the video card. As a “glass” is used somewhat toned acrylic.

On the interface, panel is buttons for power and reset. Additionally, there was a place for the two connectors JACK and two USB. Interestingly enough: use one of each type of connector 3.0 and 2.0. Perhaps two USB 3.0 would be more logical. On lamp has a small area of illumination. Also were several empty sockets, which, in this case, look quite specific.

The top “cover” the body visually resembles a kind of superstructure. All her textural surface is made of round holes, under which there is a small, aluminum mesh.


At the bottom of the case is “intake” for the power supply, it involves the installation of a small particle filter. Four legs are made of plastic, which does not allow to effectively reduce possible vibrations.

The housing allows you to install a motherboard form factor ATX, mATX, and Mini-ITX. The interior decoration is also painted black, with him pretty impressive contrast sled drive, immediately come to mind

As already mentioned, the place for the power supply is at the bottom, perhaps, is the standard of our time :). PD can be set in two embodiments, it has the appropriate attachment. When installing the unit relies on several rubberized feet that reduce noise and vibration.

The housing has not removable rack for mounting drives and drives. There is a place for the installation of three five-inch, four 3.5-inch, and three 2.5 inch drives. Yes, alert readers surely noticed by one slide for 3.5 inch devices have lacked.


The reverse side of the sidewall is a notable presence of technical holes. It can be useful for rapid replacement of the cooler. Like his older brother, there are a specially arranged ears, with which to carry out a good cable management.

The front panel is removed quite easily, it is mounted on the latch. There is one pre-installed 120 mm fan with blue LED light.As you can see, the body frame is not aimed at the maximum noise isolation, there are many technical holes.

Further, installed in the housing two labeled SDF-12025L12SO. One expels air to the rear panel, the other up. The maximum rotational speed was 1200 RPM, the noise level increased from room 32dB (A) to 37dB (A) – at the moment of measuring the sound level meter was 40 centimeters from the housing, the side cover has been opened. Separately, we note that in all modes of operation of these two fans we heard the parasitic crack so that the front panel, all right.

Initially saw the add on the top panel, I immediately planned to install it cooler for dropsy two. But opinions are engineers GMC slightly parted, the frame is simply no place for the second fan.


A radiator is just perfect poured into the top cover. Of course, it is possible to modify the frame, but we consider the GMC TITAN as it is, out of the box.

Installing the drive takes place by means of existing slide. Unlike GMC H200 here do not have any functional framework to explicitly lock the drive. In this version, there are simple pins, which can fix the disk, but you have to bend a little slide. The decision allowed, but not quite comfortable with frequent configuration changes.

Further assembly system has not caused any difficulties, but some details still arise. It should be noted at once that when you install a full-size ATX motherboard body looks pretty compact, so forgive me fans of Mini-ITX. Not a small PSU intervene, but to lay the cables come directly to the side, by the way, it is better to pass a beginning of the rear panel until it clicks into the PSU to the case


In summary, I can say that using GMC TITAN can collect above average configuration in which it is better not to lay the expansion of the tandem with multiple graphics cards or install water cooling. The Price range hero of this review is adequate and is in a fairly broad range of competitors, some we will introduce in the most Blajan time. The advantages would be desirable to carry high-quality processing of all the ends and joints, thanks to her assembly took place without incident, as well as the opportunity to observe the system through the viewing window and interior color.

Review GMC TITAN updated: March 31, 2015 author: John Malkovich