Review Corsair Graphite 780T: elegant appearance and quite successful new ventilation system!

Review Corsair Graphite 780T: elegant appearance and quite successful new ventilation system!

Although the body produced by Corsair to get us regularly, so far we have only met with two representatives of the series Graphite: 600T quite expensive and much more budget 230T. It should be noted that recently the series began to develop actively, if 4 years ago there was only one model in two color options, and in the beginning of last year there were two models with eight variants in color and the presence of a transparent window, today offered 16 options six models dimensions of Mini-ITX to Full Tower, and it’s time to continue the acquaintance.

We consider one of the most overall enclosure series Corsair Graphite 780T. At the time of writing it is available in two colors – graphite black and milky white, and the only version with a transparent window on the left side wall.

Can not say that in this series of designers adhere to a common concept in the design, but if the body 230T and 600T were quite dissimilar, then the 780T and 600T much more common. Rather, it is about smooth lines and shapes, and if 600T angles prevailed even in the elements of the front panel, then 780T they remained only in five-inch bezel blank slots, where do without them is simply impossible.

Another common feature – a very specific way of fastening the side covers, as well as at least a kind of legs, which should rather be called a stand.

Finally, the package is the same as that of the vast majority of buildings Corsair: ordinary cardboard with a schematic representation of the housing assembly and disassembled, and with explanations in different languages. Facilitate transporting slots at the sides of the box for gripping by hand. Here is just a plastic bag instead of the body is laid in the 780T fabric cover.

Corsair Graphite 780T: Arrangement

Corsair Graphite 780T manufacturer is not without reason relates to Full Tower: the maximum size of motherboards installed in an enclosure reaches XL-ATX (and, of course, smaller), and expansion cards can be placed up to nine. True, the number of installed drives less than you would expect from a Full Tower, but more on that later.

The internal layout is quite common: the power supply is located below the front of the chassis mounted two removable compartment with universal slide to 2.5 and 3.5-inch HDD / SSD. Such compartments we have seen in the Graphite 600T, and case series Corsair Obsidian: they triple bottom resting on the plastic base, the podium, fastened with screws on the underside of the chassis, the top is attached to the bottom.

Above two five inch compartment, and between them and by three-inch gap, but not for long graphics – their position below and to one of the removable compartment can be rearranged taller clasped with five-inch, then the gap will just at the installation site video adapters.

Thus, a 3.5-inch compartments can be set in three ways:

  • with a gap – when the computer is supposed to use long graphics cards
  • both at the bottom and then the regular fans will operate for cooling all six places to disk (this is the case and supplied)
  • both at the top, which may seem strange, but there is an explanation for this accommodation compartments: the desire to place additional collector cooling system in front of the bottom of the chassis, which will have to remove the plastic podium.

Of course, cut and remove possible – and one even both, and then for HDD / SSD will still be a place, but not in the compartments, and on the right side of the chassis near the front: there are fixed three separate 2.5-inch plastic container . Something like this, we have also seen in the housing Corsair Obsidian 450D, it only had two containers, and they were located closer to the rear wall.

Total can accommodate up to nine drives, six of which can be 3.5-inch. Now you can see for yourself: the number is not a record for the body of this size, although for many computers and this will be enough.

Review Corsair Graphite 780T: elegant appearance and quite successful new ventilation system!

The maximum length of video cards with the nominal position compartments and in our measurement of, and the specification is 355 mm, with a rearranged or remote upper compartment and it did increase to 476 mm. The specification for the last value is not even mentioned as the first and more than enough for almost any modern video cards.

Recall that these values include the additional power connectors if they are located at the end of the board (though these cards are not so many, especially among long).

Five-inch slots two, both with access to the front panel. 3.5-inch devices such withdrawal is not provided.

Corsair does not like to pamper customers an abundance of various kinds of accessories, and body 780T did not pleasant exception: his complete only graded on bags bolt set, four disposable cable ties and extremely short installation guide in several languages.

Corsair Graphite 780T: the Construction

Housing dimensions 602 × 288 × 637 mm (H × W × D), including the projecting parts, weight without packaging and power supply 11.3 kg.

The steel used for producing outer panels and chassis, not very thick – 0.75 mm and dimensions of considerable rigidity would be insufficient but rescue plastic lining covering all the faces of the housing.

Hinged side walls, but an unusual way of fastening: on the lower edge of the side panel has grooves, which include flat tabs on the bottom edge of the case – it turns a kind of loop. And on the upper edge of the panel has a latch for locking in the closed position. That is, when turning opening does not occur in the horizontal and in the vertical plane; like we have seen in the model 600T, but there were two latches. Thus rigidity for ease of installation lid-removal effect in much lesser degree.

Plastic front panel to the chassis using the flat latches. To their left row, you can easily get close, but the latches to the right of access is not so easy: preventing 2.5-inch containers for storage.However, to remove this panel simply no reason: all the components on the front, accessible without it.

And switching controls are concentrated in the upper part of the front panel. Set the poor will not name, but, as in the case of drives from Full Tower could be expected and more.

So, what is in the center, closer to the front, a large round button Power (for some reason it is marked «Start / Stop»), which is illuminated when the white. Her two audio separated activity indicator HDD, also white. Then there is a number of other bodies, right to left: Button Reset (too round, but smaller), two USB 3.0 ports and USB 2.0 (arranged so as to be able to simultaneously connect a wide device), the extreme left – the fan control button, surrounded by indicators in shaped segments, again white glow.

Generally white LEDs on the control panel very much: in addition to the above-mentioned indicators are illuminated symbols USB, input and output audio. They shine quite bright, but only if the gaze is directed along the normal top, but if you look a little on the side, the brightness is hardly excessive.

The buttons have a little free running and easy to press, so to exclude operation against accidental contact is impossible.

Review Corsair Graphite 780T: elegant appearance and quite successful new ventilation system!

Given the considerable height housing, access to the Authorities on the control panel is only A convenient Location at the Floor of the computer. If he is on the table, even very tall A Man Would have to Get up to See the Buttons, Indicators, and connectors.

The legs are in the form of elongated arches, Slightly protruding beyond the Edges of the Case, Give to greater stability. Cushioning effect Gives Wide rubber stickers.

Corsair Graphite 780T: Ventilation system

In the state housing equipment includes three 140-mm FANS, two of Forcing the FRONT and REAR One exhaust. The FRONT FANS are white backlight.

If desired, these fans can be replaced by 120mm, the front of the fan fit three.

The presence of a standard three connectors allow to connect them both to the system board, and a built-in controller.

Speed controller is designed for connection of up to four fans – so much three-pin connectors for quite a long flat cables departs from it.

The algorithm is simple: Press button, Choose One of the Three Speed steps, Which is Displayed by burning One, two or Three Indicators Surrounding the button. Naturally, the regulated Voltage Supplied to the FANS, so if you have Them Change the backlight and brightness, but completely turn off any lights or fans themselves can not.

In the configuration Which the Acquirer obtains When Delivered, Both of the fan is running FRONT to cool the drive cage, in Which the lateral Surfaces are ample Slots Provided in the bottom of the slide, there are sizeable window. HOWEVER, About A Quarter of the lower fan overlaps plastic podium on which is mounted lower basket.

If the upper basket is raised or removed, the corresponding fan will create additional cooling graphics cards and other expansion cards.The maximum number of installed in the chassis fans can reach nine: in addition to those mentioned above, can accommodate two or three 140- 120 mm on top of the chassis (where they are provided with a shock-absorbing mounting inserts) and two 120 -mm on the bottom.

The maximum number of installed in the chassis fans can reach nine: in addition to those mentioned above, can accommodate two or three 140- 120 mm on top of the chassis (where they are provided with a shock-absorbing mounting inserts) and two 120 -mm on the bottom.

Included for additional fans, there are four long screws and 16 screws.

Of course, you can use liquid cooling system with radiators of different sizes: the front and at the top – 240/280/360 mm below 240 mm, and the fan assembly REAR CAN be Replaced Radiator Size 120/140 mm. In the back wall there are two holes, plugs which have to break out.

Filtration system can be assessed as “excellent” as to the completeness and for ease of maintenance.

Filters from A nylon Mesh with A very Fine Mesh equipped with All the Installation Site for the FANS (of course, except for the back panel). All are Made in A plastic Framework, and Which is fixed on the Grid, and only the Upper front filters have also externally decorative metal lattice.

Filters quick – They CAN be removed without Opening the Case. Front and Upper Filters are mounted A pair of pawls on One Edge (the top and at the FRONT of the Upper FRONT) and the Projections on the Opposite latches. Latches are Triggered by Pressing and after the removal of the filter allows access to the installation location and mount the fan or radiator, ie to remove the panels themselves in the assembly is not necessary.

Review Corsair Graphite 780T: elegant appearance and quite successful new ventilation system!

Since the length of the body is great, and the vents are on the whole area of the underside of the chassis, the designers have made the bottom two filters: one is pushed forward and the other backward.

The large width of the housing allow to install the processor cooling systems up to 200 mm, which is confirmed by our metering.

Additional holes Mention of Slots in the Expansion Slot cover and A Small perforated area at the top of the back wall. Decorative caps five-inch solid Slots, Side wall of the housing and do not have holes, so the computer is quite Possible to be put close to the vertical walls.

Corsair Graphite 780T: Assembling the system unit

Fixing the side walls described above, we note once again that their removal and installation is quite easy and any significant difficulties do not cause.

Racks for Mounting the Motherboard is Already installed, and the average is centering. Included is and One Extra.

In the Substrate A has Cutout That Allows Removal and Installation of the CPU Cooler without Dismantling the board. Opening for the input-output ports on the REAR panel are not obstructed, and Slots for Expansion cards are equipped with Reusable plugs Which, as are fees attached thumbscrews.

The power supply is screwed Directly to the back wall, on the underside of the Chassis fitted with shock-absorbing Labels have tabs That help to orient it DURING Installation. PSU fan CAN be put up or down, and Already installed the Motherboard Will not Prevent its installation.

The specification refers to the maximum block length of 260 mm, But really more places – Unless, of course, there are such BS. Of course, we must not forget About coming out of the wall REAR Pretty hard wire Bundles, But Because you CAN swap drive bays up and remove the podium.

Five-inch drives in the Appropriate compartments are mounted on the left Regular snaps, and the Absence of the Possibility of Additional Fastening screws on the right does not have to be sorry: Planting is very dense, Almost no Backlash. Both seats have plugs in the chassis, which would break out, and internal latch Bezel Blanks front panel have long projections that allow to extract them without removing the panel itself – just stick your hand inside.

Bays HDD / SSD mounted pairs of screws on the left and for additional rigidity in any of the possible positions for each there is also mounting screw to the front of the chassis, but access to it may overlap installed fan or radiator CBO.

Universal slides are no different from those that we have seen in other buildings Corsair, including the already mentioned Obsidian 450D. 3.5-inch drives are mounted in the side pins with padding, and a 2.5-inch screws on the bottom, that’s just one pin at the same time will stop and it will not just delete (which is easy), but also to preserve the case if these runners will need to put a larger drive (and this is more complicated: the pin is small, easily lost).

Slide in a basket attached snaps. Remove and insert them quite comfortable, but even with the 3.5-inch drives play a significant, so the side openings are provided for additional fixation screw.These holes are also suitable for mounting disk sled themselves, but little need for this.

The drives must be installed so that the connectors were on the opposite side of the latches. To connect the cables can be used with both direct and L-shaped connector SATA. However, most of these drives in the compartments defined connectors overlap the right containers for 2.5-inch drives.

These containers are more difficult to form than the slide, but their use is quite convenient. They are mounted on the chassis of the latch with the possibility of additional fixation screw. Another latch retains the storage device in a container, and its retrieval is facilitated situated at the opposite end of the ejector spring. Naturally, insert the HDD or SSD is necessary connectors out.Cables can also be used with any form of connectors.

Review Corsair Graphite 780T: elegant appearance and quite successful new ventilation system!

Containers also it is possible to fix the drive screws (in this case three), but here it is unlikely to need: enough latches.

Cables can be routed when mounting substrate for the system board, threading in available slots fitted with rubber plugs with split petals (only at the bottom, the biggest such caps is not). Very much carefully lay them do not have – the right space is enough.

Connect the front USB and audio to the internal system board connectors made with shielded cables with solid connectors. Like other buildings Corsair, for audio only HD Audio.

Power to the fan controller is supplied through connector SATA, and on LED lighting symbols – via a peripheral connector Molex male.

Rolling available only in small quantities edges, but the rest gently rounded, and the risk of hand injury during assembly is minimized.

Corsair Graphite 780T: Noise measurement

Noise measurement is carried out in accordance with our method using a sound level meter Octave-110A Eco soundproofed room with a typical noise level of 20 dBA. During the measurement, all appliances in the room are turned off.

To regulate the voltage-controlled fans used standalone converter.

At greater distances from the user’s body and placing it, for example, on the floor under the table, the noise can be described as minimally noticeable when the fan power of 5, and when powered by 12 V – as approaching level for the dwelling in the daytime days.The noise level of the cooling system housing varies widely from 25 to 40 dBA, in the same range as wide changes and performance. When the fan supply voltage of 5 V noise is low even when the microphone placement in the near field. However, with increasing voltage the noise increases markedly. Typically, the range of voltage regulation 7-11 in noise varies from the average (30 dBA) to high (38 dB) level with respect to typical values for premises in the daytime. However, even with the fan power rated voltage of 12 V noise cooling system does not exceed 40 dBA, but the noise in this mode is already very noticeable, especially in the near field.

The housing is equipped with a full-time three-position fan controller which is electronically controlled and executed, most likely based on the PWM controller and connects via connector SATA Power. The algorithm of the controller – carousel: by pushing the button, it switches between 1/2/3/1. Any noise from the controller has been recorded. Note that the front fans have a white backlight, which is implemented by four white LEDs arranged at the corners of the framework of the fans. And the brightness of the LED is proportional to the supply voltage.

Complete quality fans very decent: not knock even when powered by 4.5V, but a small permanent overtone of the drive can still be discerned with a minimum distance of 20-30 cm (but only at extremely low background noise).When you connect the fan to the controller noise varies in the range of 30 to 40 dBA at DESKTOP body and from 25 to 32 dBA at its outdoor location, which roughly corresponds to a change in voltage fans from 7 to 12 volts. Thus, the controller is not fully implementing opportunities to reduce fan noise and work at minimum speed. Nevertheless, the 25 dBA – it’s really low noise, though not a record that shows the cooling system enclosure using the regular controller and outdoor placement with respect to the imaginary body by sitting next to the chair.

Rate acoustic ergonomics of the body as a whole can be quite positive: the minimum supply voltage noise is relatively low, and at the maximum supply voltage noise, though noticeable, but moderate.

Positioning and conclusions

Got us a very elegant white shell in appearance. But there is great doubt whether it will be as beautiful after some time on it more than once will walk hand, is not always freshly scrubbed, and the top layer of dust settles hefty. The owner will have to work hard to maintain such an attractive appearance, so the black version of the body seems to be more practical, but from an esthetic point of view, it is less advantageous.

Facilities housing, though not rich, but generally corresponds to the price category: four ports USB, two of which – 3.0, three full-time fan controller and the frequency of their rotation. Accessory Kit can be called poor: there is not even the speaker to the system board.

Opportunity to install the various components of the body is universal: here will motherboards up to XL-ATX, ie almost all, except for the exotic, and therefore extremely rare formats like HPTX.Graphic – any existing, including configurations CrossFireX and 3-way SLI. The choice of power supply also has no real limitations. But with several drives is worse: if two five inch slots for the vast majority of owners will be quite enough, the nine full-time places for HDD / SSD, six of which are universal and three 2.5-inch, in some cases it may be enough. Moreover, the likelihood of this increases if at least one of the drive cage removed when you install some other dimensional components.

For cooling high-performance capabilities are very broad – using both fans and liquid cooling systems. A filtration system, we again praise and completeness, and serviceability.

The lack of output on the front panel 3.5-inch devices, we would have carried the shortcomings though not essential.

When choosing accommodations future computer can not forget about the top position of the control panel, which, combined with a large enclosure height makes it inconvenient to use in desktop deployment. But the lack of ventilation holes on the sides just expanding the selection of possible sites for the installation.

Thus, it is easier to list the configuration for which the body Corsair Graphite 780T is suitable little or no good at all: it is low cost workstations, home and office – because of the price, as well as any computers for which placement is given very little space – because dimensions.

And not to mention the quality of production, traditionally high for Corsair. However, this time a little summed abundance of different kinds of joints of external parts of complex shape: withstand even gap succeeded everywhere. Perfect in this respect is only the front panel, but it found a “drop of tar” – the outer contour of the black box for some reason made glossy, and it instantly appear fingerprints, the same happens with a transparent window on the left wall (Other matte surface).

Source: Corsair

Review Corsair Graphite 780T: elegant appearance and quite successful new ventilation system! updated: April 10, 2015 author: John Malkovich