Review of Bluetooth-headset Jaybird Freedom Sprint

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jaybird Freedom Sprint

At once, came upon an amazing device, hidden in a beautiful package is not the best representative of the species – Jaybird Freedom Sprint trying to apply as a sports product, but in fact, it is not one …

Design, construction

And I think that this may be, and the American company, but this headset is not proprietary, and catalogs from the factory, that is not the most interesting product in an interesting package. And there are several confirmations of what we’ll talk later. Yes, and what needs to confirm if the Freedom Sprint can be found on the market in different variations – the same headset under other names.

Packing smart. The box is made of thick cardboard, beautiful pictures, a case made of plastic with chrome inserts. All the impression of wealth, only spoil the situation abundance of scotch. Headphones screwed tape, box secured with tape. We have to use a knife to remove the Jaybird Freedom Sprint out of the nest. In case all the elements are supplied. The company said the special nozzles Secure Fit, they need to make the headphones are not jumped during the run. Indeed, do not jump out. But even without attachments nothing bad happened, they remained in place. And look at the bags. Does not correspond to a truly unique product. Large manufacturers prefer a package, sealed tightly, or packaging made of paper or something else special. Well here right thing as no name from the market in China.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jaybird Freedom Sprint

Dimensions are 33 x 16 x 8 mm, weight – 16 grams. The design is typical of most modern sports headsets: two headphones connected by a flexible cable. Wear comfortable, except tips, you can install and bow. I came headphones perfectly, can be worn for hours without the slightest discomfort. I think it is typical for most consumers, universal design. On the outside of the cups used rugged plastic inside – glossy, has chrome insert. Overall, it looks good. On the right cup, under the cap, there is a connector microUSB.


But with the start control complexity. If this headset for running, the buttons should be twice the size. So you can easily get. Here we see the wonders of design Uncle Liao, tiny buttons on the right cup, top – multifunction button without notation. You can use it to dial the last number to control the playback (Play / Pause), to find out how much charge is left. On the inner side of the LED is lit in red or blue depending on the situation. After the first turn on the headset is immediately ready for pairing.Communication reliable range – about five meters. Surprisingly, this is quite an expensive product used profile Bluetooth 2.0 – in fact, I talked about it. Old product already issued for something special, “sport”.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jaybird Freedom Sprint

Operation time

Claimed battery life – 4.5 hours, in reality, count four hours, or even less. To charge using a standard connector microUSB, complete the short cable when connecting to the iPhone is not displayed charging indicator, it’s weird. The point is to save the software, and used profile Bluetooth.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jaybird Freedom Sprint


When a call is heard the melody of the call on the phone, voice quality is normal, in a quiet room it is possible to talk without raising your voice. The voice is quite natural.

With music all too well, the quality of four and a bold minus, but in general, the music is not so bad as you would expect. The volume level is high, no artifacts. But, in general, nothing spectacular, absolutely nothing.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jaybird Freedom Sprint


No fast charging, no reflective strips, no magnets for a comfortable fit around the neck, there is no convenient controls, no time to work for at least six hours, no probe pulse. It sports a headset? Well, this product is trying to pass off as such, but in fact, Jaybird Freedom Sprint – just an old thing in a new package.

In my opinion, you’d better pay attention to the Plantronics BackBeat Fit , Powerbeats Beats Wireless , Jabra Pulse and JBL synchros Reflect BT .

Review of Bluetooth-headset Jaybird Freedom Sprint updated: February 18, 2015 author: John Malkovich