Memories Universal Flash Storage 2.0 also by Samsung

Memories Universal Flash Storage 2.0 also by Samsung

The UFS standard 2.0, Universal Flash Storage, for flash memory used in mobile systems was announced at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas in January 2014. Since then, further developments are missed at least until the day yesterday, during which Samsung announced new memories UFS in capacities of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

This standard is intended to take the place of the eMMC in the near future, by providing owners of smartphones and mobile devices compatible speed performance in reading and writing and well above those of the eMMC 5.1 solutions that were recently announced.

The adoption of memories UFS prmetterà to significantly increase the speed performance of the storage units integrated with mobile devices. The UFS standard provides a number of IOPs, ie input and output operations performed per second, reaching the number of 19,000 in writing, far higher than the approximately 11,000 proposals eMMC 5.1 and equal to almost 3 times the memory eMMC adopted for greater by mobile devices on the market.

The interface adopted by memories UFC is serial, allowing a transfer of the data type Full-Duplex with maximum bandwidth values that are much higher implementation eMMC thanks to the implementation of technology Command Queue. Finally, we mention a reduction in fuel consumption of approximately 50%, an interesting data to mobile devices in order to ensure a range of operation that it is always as high as possible.

Samsung’s announcement emphasizes how we will continue to see the market eMMC solutions in the future, targeted specifically to the product segments of mid-range and entry level. Memories Universal Flash Storage will instead be devoted to higher-end products, the ones that the rest are more sensitive performance.

Memories Universal Flash Storage 2.0 also by Samsung updated: February 26, 2015 author: John Malkovich