M.2 adapter to SFF-8639 from ASUS

M.2 adapter to SFF-8639 from ASUS

To the question “how to connect a 2.5 inch Intel SSD 750 on a PC?” Responds via ASUS Hyper Kit. This kit consists of a cable incorporating an SFF-8639 connector female for the SSD, a SATA power connector male for food and a custom connector for 4 PCIe lines.

We must connect it to the connector on a map M.2 format that takes place in the M.2 connector on the motherboard. To take full advantage of SSD performance 750 must be connected to this connector PCIe Gen3 x4, this is not systematic. This is the case on the Sabertooth X99 announced in mid-March by ASUS and will be the first card that comes with the Hyper Kit, but only in the US and Canada.

We do not know the reasons for this geographical limitation, it is certain that in any case the interest from a 2.5 “rather than daughter card is more limited than with such a motherboard, since use cases M.2 the 3rd PCIe x16 port is in any way disabled. This port is free blow card which eventually allows a triple slot on the second PCIe x16 card, but it is especially with motherboards microATX see that the Mini-ITX 2.5 “SFF-8639 is an advantage as possible to preserve the 2-1 PCIe x16 graphics cards.

Ultimately it is questionable whether this type of solution is not democratize, with the advantage of offering a rate double the SATA Express is limited to two PCIe lines … or “only” 2 GB / s theory and about 1.7 GB / s in practice.

M.2 adapter to SFF-8639 from ASUS updated: April 5, 2015 author: John Malkovich