HP Envy x2 13-j020nd (L0Z22EA) review

HP Envy x2 13-j020nd (L0Z22EA) review

A bit strange and not very tasty. That was our feeling when we looked at the 15 inch tablet HP Envy X2. Would the smaller 13 inch variant Envy x2 13 j020nd change our mind? It took a while, but finally we could with that model to work.

From the outside, this smaller version of the Envy X2 is about the same as its bigger brother. He is obviously a lot smaller than the previous model we tested and does it well. Although the lines are the same, including the Beats stereo speakers on the sides of the screen, the design looks a bit more balanced. However, the tablet weighs still quite a lot: about 1.2 pounds. That is what different story than, for example, an iPad Air.

It’s definitely a different story because a lot more an alternative to a laptop. Actually the same idea that Microsoft has with its Surface Pro tablet. There, the HP Envy X2 also what best path. He is indeed heavier and has no abnormal aspect ratio but a normal 16: 9 1920×1080 Full HD IPS display, but it has a built-in stand and the tablet is connected to a keyboard pad. That standard is of course very welcome. Especially since this tablet is a bit heavier, you’ll want to play him more often on a table, for example.

On your lap, it is not the finest unit. This is mainly because the mat through a relatively narrow connection is associated with the tablet. Also, the total laptop and keyboard quite deep so you need a good lap for the whole to provide sufficient space. You soon need about 30 cm. But you can in a different way with this 2-in-1 function: namely the keyboard is equipped with Bluetooth. For example, you can place the tablet on the arm of the sofa and then use the keyboard on your lap. That can be very useful in some circumstances, even when giving a presentation.

Passive Core M and SSD

The aluminum case of the HP Envy X2 is indeed over. Nice is that HP has placed two full USB ports: one on each side. Both are USB 3.0. HDMI is also available as well as a MicroSD slot. The on / off switch is on top and the left is the volume button. If you look beyond him further notice that the tablet has no ventilation holes, except the work pane of the speakers. The Core M has no active cooling. The ‘Beats’ speakers sound quite nice for a tablet, but really good, we can not call it sounds.

HP Envy x2 13-j020nd (L0Z22EA) review

HP has chosen the Intel Core M 5Y10, a dual-core Broadwell processor that operates at 0.8 GHz and has a turbo to 2 GHz. That is the same chip which is also used in the larger variant and is determined not to mention fast. This smaller model, however, feels a lot snappier. This is mainly due to the fact that this model is not equipped with an SSHD but has a real SSD on board.

It is the large 128GB ADATA M.2 AXNS381E-128GM-B SSD. For the WiFi is chosen for an Intel 7265 802.11ac adapter. A nice quick adapter for both 802.11ac and 802.11n.


The HP Envy x2 13 j020nd leaves a pretty good impression. This tablet with Windows comes with a standard so you can easily put him down and also the 13.3 inch screen is large enough to use it as a true replacement for your laptop. On the Full HD screen, we have little to say, and also operates the M-Core processor combined with the best SSD smoothly.

HP Envy x2 13-j020nd (L0Z22EA) review

If you compare it with a Microsoft Surface Pro model that is obviously a lot easier and you get more screen space there. On the other hand, this HP is much cheaper and you get there directly from a keyboard; a standard keyboard that works via Bluetooth and thus can be used separately from the tablet. Convenient is that HP has two USB 3.0 connectors. 1.2 pounds for tablet and nearly 1.8 kilograms for the combination including keyboard is pretty heavy.

HP Envy x2 13-j020nd (L0Z22EA) review updated: March 21, 2015 author: John Malkovich