Review and testing power supply FSP Aurum PT 850 (PT850FM)

Review and testing power supply FSP Aurum PT 850 (PT850FM)

In the autumn of last year, the company introduced a new flagship FSP PSU series Aurum PT, which includes three models with the capacity of 850, 1000 and 1200 watts. In the names of the PSU FSP is quite difficult to navigate, not only because of their number, but also because of the similar names of series of products that can actually be very different from each other in structure and consumer qualities. So, there is a whole group of series with the word Everest, but now there was also a group of products with the word in the title of Aurum. So confused quite easily.
As for the helper of our today’s review, it will be a low-end model of the series Aurum PT – PT850FM. Supplied power adapter in the package intended for retail sale is a black cardboard box on top of which wearing colorful dust jacket. As in most cases with similar packaging, carrying handle is not provided here. Box shape in PT850FM not quite typical for packing the power supply, since usually the height and width of the box is equal to or very close in size, but here we see an attempt to minimize the height. Apparently, the trend in the minimum thickness and got here 🙂

The power supply is made in a black casing with a matte finish with a rather small, but well-perceived texture. Fingerprints on this coating have a minimum visibility. Hull length of about 190 mm, additionally you will need at least 15 mm for the supply wires to the power supply, so the installation should not rely on the installation size of about 210 mm. For small cases like BP model is not suitable.


Review and testing power supply FSP Aurum PT 850 (PT850FM)

All necessary parameters are specified on the housing power supply in full, for power bus + 12VDC stated value of 840 watts. The ratio of the power bus + 12VDC and the total power is 0.988, which is an excellent indicator.

Wire length and number of connectors

Without exception, all the wires are modular, that is, they can be removed, leaving only those needed for a particular system.

The number of connectors for connecting the components inside the system allows you to connect almost any system: 4 video and 12 drives can be connected at once using the standard package.The only caveat: it would be useful to complement the power supply cord length with 1-2 SATA Power connectors for connecting optical drives. At the same time, the number of connectors to power the video card there is clearly excessive.

Wire length is sufficient for comfortable use in buildings full tower size and more overall overhead power supply. In buildings up to 60 cm with nizhneraspolozhennym power supply wiring length must also be sufficient: to each of the two power connectors Eight-processor – about 70 cm. Thus, with the majority of modern buildings should be no problem.

Cooling system

Semiconductor components of high-voltage circuits are placed on the radiator of medium size.Synchronous rectifier elements are placed on the back side of the PCB and it is cooled through the last (on the front side of the board mounted heat sinks). Independent sources + 3.3VDC and 5VDC mounted on a printed circuit board and a subsidiary, according to tradition, the additional heat sinks are not – it is quite typical for the power supply with active cooling.

Review and testing power supply FSP Aurum PT 850 (PT850FM)

The power supply fan is installed PLA13525S12M with nominal speed 2000 rpm, but the fan is marked at 1800 revolutions per minute, so it’s most likely a special modification produced to order FSP Group. Fan is based on hydrodynamic bearings and manufactured by Power Logic. Fan connection – detachable, two-wire. Unfortunately, the fan will pick compliant is not easy, as the number of models of fans of this size in the sale goes to zero, there are some models of size 140 mm with double mount, which is also rare. Thus, wishing to replace the fan will have to use the model size of 140 mm and mount modifying themselves.

The capacitors in the power supply are of Japanese origin. In the bulk – a production company Panasonic (high), Nippon Chemi-Con and Rubycon. Installed and a large number of polymer capacitors.

K channels + 3.3VDC and + 12VDC no complaints – deviations within two and one percent, respectively. As for the voltage channel + 5VDC, it is above par in all the tested range of power, but the deviation does not exceed five per cent threshold. We can not say that such behavior PSU is excellent, especially in the case of flagship solutions cost more than 200 dollars. In reality, it is fraught with increased heating components that consume energy on a given channel.

During the next stage of testing, we measure the voltage is AC, which is connected to the power supply unit under study, while working on the last constant power. Based on these data calculated parameters determining the efficiency and effectiveness of power supply.
Economical – one of the strengths of this model. 60 W power supply dissipates the power on the order of 780 watts. The maximum output power supply dissipates 69 watts, which is much less than that of low-end models with capacity of about 500 watts when operating at maximum, and even than that of models with capacity of 850 W with a certificate of 80Plus Gold. So FSP Aurum PT 850 then looks clearly advantageous.
In idle mode, ie no load, the power supply shows a very low power consumption, claiming the record. In sleep mode the consumption can be called miserable.

PSU efficiency is high over a wide power range. According to our measurements, the efficiency of the power supply reaches a value exceeding 91% in the power range from 200 to 850 watts, with a range of from 300 to 600 watts efficiency is over 93%. The maximum recorded value was about 94% at a power of 300 watts. Simultaneously, the efficiency at 50 W power was about 80%. It is obvious that at low load ratings PSU beats records, which is quite typical for making a similar capacity.

We also measure the inrush current at idle with a fully charged capacitors.

In terms of absolute values, the inrush current is not small, so the possibility of using cheap low-power UPS questionable. As for the comparison with similar power supply units, then this parameter is given the power source is not the leader that can also be assessed positively.

At the request of chitateteley now and we measure the maximum power that the power supply is able to pay through a single power connector card PCI-E. During this testing stage is loaded power supply + 12VDC channel through only one slot PCI-E, with the load on channels + 3.3VDC and + 5VDC is set at about 1 amp per channel.

During testing, the power supply was connected with two connectors, which are located on a single power cord. This result demonstrates the ability of the power supply to supply power any modern graphics card.

Operating temperature is one of the most important parameters influencing the life of the capacitor. And because most low-voltage tanks are thermally loaded, mounted in the output stage, and their temperature was recorded during this testing phase. Measurements are made using a digital sensor DS18B20 manufacture Maxim Integrated.
Thermally loaded capacitors is low (60 degrees or less) over the entire power range. Thus, the power supply is well suited to operate under high load and has a good supply temperature.

Power supply noise is relatively low (below srednetipichnogo) during operation in the power range up to 500 W, inclusive. This level of noise coming from the power supply is barely noticeable on the background of a typical noise in the living room during the day, especially in the operation of power supply systems which do not have any zvukoshumovoy optimization. Noise level is very low even at minimum load, but in typical domestic environment, most people with a similar device evaluates acoustic ergonomics as relatively quiet.

At 750 W noise increases significantly, and its level is 38 dBA provided desktop placement, ie at the location of the power supply in the near field with respect to the user. This is a very high noise level for the dwelling. However, it should be borne in mind that the load with the intake noise is certainly not less.

Review and testing power supply FSP Aurum PT 850 (PT850FM)

With a load of 850 W power supply noise overcomes the ergonomic level of 40 dBA and 41 dBA reach provided desktop placement, ie at the location of the power supply in the near field with respect to the user. Such value can be uniquely characterized as high.

Despite the fact that even at low power supply unit can not be considered very quiet, in a typical system, the power supply is unlikely to be a significant source of noise load power up to 500 W inclusive.

In this case, noise is minimal electronics, the main contribution to the overall noise power unit brings the fan is running.

Evaluation of consumer qualities

Consumer quality FSP Aurum PT 850 are at a good level. Here it may be noted quite a decent acoustic ergonomics (not at the maximum power), very high efficiency and a large number of conveniently located connectors. Unfortunately, the power supply has failed to demonstrate close to the reference output parameters of what we had hoped for, and that is quite typical for today’s flagship models from leading manufacturers. However, all the parameters are placed in the specification. Acoustic ergonomics is also not great, even at low load, although there is a category of users that this option is not particularly care.


Technical and operational characteristics of FSP Aurum PT 850 are at a good level, aided by high current carrying capacity of the channel + 12VDC, high efficiency, low thermally loaded, the fan on the hydrodynamic bearing with long service life, the use of capacitors Japanese manufacturers.Thus, we can expect a fairly long life power supply even at high constant loads. But with all the advantages of the model is at it and drawbacks: first of all, let us down output parameters of the channel + 5VDC, that the flagship quite undignified. Noise at low load would also like to see below, especially given the retail price.

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Review and testing power supply FSP Aurum PT 850 (PT850FM) updated: April 4, 2015 author: John Malkovich