Review and testing DeepCool Captain 240

Review and testing DeepCool Captain 240

Now on the market liquid cooling systems such abundance and variety that manufacturers are starting to go to various tricks to change the appearance, adding the ability to recharge and do a bunch of labels on the packaging of what a wonderful dropsy waiting for you inside. But do not hurry to rush to the choice and liked the first, I would recommend “View All” to make the selection for yourself, take a really better cooling system, which will be both effective and quiet. Today we look at one of these systems, it could potentially claim to be efficient and quiet LSS, meet unattended LSS with an unusual DeepCool Captain 240.


Coolant is supplied in a small dark box on the front part of which contains an image of the product itself.

Packing quite informative on it, you can find a lot of useful information about the characteristics of the product.

Each item is packed in a plastic bag.

Review and testing DeepCool Captain 240

Expanding the packet contents, we see a rather large package, which includes:

  • LSS itself
  • A couple of fans
  • Mounting Kit for Intel and AMD
  • Set screws
  • Splitter 4 fan
  • Instruction
  • The rating label

DeepCool Captain 240: FANS

Liquid cooling system DeepCool Captain 240 is equipped with a pair of brand fans black and red. Model fans GF120, grouped by model turntables can be purchased at the difference but only in the all-black color version. Black and red GF120 can only be found in the kit directly to the cooling systems DeepCool.

Review and testing DeepCool Captain 240

Fans have an attractive appearance, a black box is a red vane on which there are nine narrow and rather strongly curved blades. At the end of each blade is a notch and the quality of plastic processing at a high level.

Fans rewarded with PWM control function, the impeller can be rotated at a speed of about 600-2200 \ min, and in creating an impressive pair of air flow 182.24CFM at maximum speed, the noise level declared by the manufacturer is 17.6 ~ 39.3dB (A).

Thickness is 26mm fan, if you look at it from the side, you can see that on the frame is glossy red stripe.

Review and testing DeepCool Captain 240

GF120 fans have a very nice appearance, I hope, in fact, appearance will be confirmed by good performance and low noise characteristics.

Manufacturer staffed LSS brand 4pin splitter, through which you can install four fans on the radiator LSS.

DeepCool Captain 240: APPEARANCE

We have before us a standard maintenance-free LSS, which consists of a radiator, a pair of hoses and water block with a built-in pump. Judging from this photo the manufacturer does not bother evacuated before the end of the loop, in an acrylic tube is visible airbag, if you raise the water block above the air around and give rise to the top, the acrylic tube will be completely filled with air.

Review and testing DeepCool Captain 240

DeepCool captain 240 has one of the most unusual water blocks, firstly its size is much more than what we are used to seeing 89.0X65.0X82.0mm. Also embedded in the water-block acrylic tube that can be seen as running refrigerant. The refrigerant used in the 240 captain pale red in the picture that shows the packaging it has more saturated color. On one side, there is the logo Gamer Storm.

The water block is rather large it is its height 89mm, on the first photo you can see that it consists of three parts, disassemble it, I will not, will manage only by visual inspection. In the second photo, “top view” can be seen as an acrylic tube goes into the center of the lid and the lid itself Jets design resembles a turbine built into the lid of the red lights. In the third photo shows that the water block attached to a pair of movable fittings which are molded hoses.

Review and testing DeepCool Captain 240

Pump specifications (stated by the manufacturer):

  • Pump speed: 3400 ± 150RPM
  • Operating voltage pump: 6 ~ 19VDC
  • Rated voltage pump: 12VDC
  • The service life of the pump: 120000 hours
  • Pump Connector Type: 3Pin
  • Current: 0.23 ± 10% A (MAX)
  • Power consumption of the pump: 3W
  • Weight: 1183 ± 10g

The only thing what I actually saw a tough discrepancy with the stated characteristics, it is the speed of the pump, my copy of the pump operates at a speed of 6100 \ minutes at a voltage of 12v. At 6100 on the plane \ min pump is quite noisy, the sound that emits a strong bearing resembles a high-squeak at lower rpm at 50% squeak becomes less intrusive, but it stands out from the crowd.

For heat dissipation design DeepCool captain, 240 used 240mm aluminum radiator with 14 flat channels between them glued. Dimensions 274X120X27mm, the thickness of the working body is only 16mm.

To the radiator on projects from 8mm Christmas trees “strained” molded hoses

Review and testing DeepCool Captain 240

On the right, there is an outlet for refilling LSS, but the manufacturer does not indicate the service life of the coolant used initially.

A little disappointed wrinkled edges on new dropsy.

Out of the box, base is protected with a plastic frame.

On a copper base with factory applied thermal paste.

The base is made of copper, the size of it ~ 80h80mm, the base is quite smooth, has an average quality polishing, reflected in it vague and not clear.

The base structure within a microchannel, height 2mm ribs are spaced 0.2mm apart.

Fingerprint base does not have any irregularities, clamp it to the processor pretty good.

Visual inspection CAPTAIN 240 came to an end after a brief “Installation” section, we move on to testing the cooling system.In the meantime take a look at the general specifications:

  • Size water block 89.0X65.4X76.0mm
  • Hose length: 310mm
  • Dimensions: 274x120x27mm
  • Heat Sink Material: Aluminum
  • Pump speed: 3400 ± 150RPM (6200 RPM)
  • Operating voltage pump: 6 ~ 19VDC
  • Rated voltage pump: 12VDC
  • The service life of the pump: 120000 hours
  • Pump Connector Type: 3Pin
  • Current: 0.23 ± 10% A (MAX)
  • Power consumption of the pump: 3W
  • Fan size: 120x120x26mm
  • Fan speed: 600 ± 200-2200 ± 10% RPM
  • Maximum airflow: 182.24 CFM
  • The air pressure generated by a fan: 3.71mmH2O (MAX)
  • Fan lifetime: 100,000 hours
  • Noise level: 17.6 ~ 39.3dB (A)
  • Weight: 1183 ± 10g
  • Compatible with Intel: LGA115H / LGA1366 / LGA2011 / LGA2011-3
  • DeepCool Captain 240To install processors intel LGA150X / 1366 and AMD will need to use the bundled bekpleyta, everything about the installation process detailed in the instructions. For installation on LGA2011 processor must be installed in the framework of a special adapter screws and nuts after going to the set to fix the water block.

Waterblock has an interesting red light.


  • Processor: Intel Core i7 4960X 6/12 4.0Ghz 1,2v LGA2011
  • Cooling CPU: DeepCool Captain 240, Corsair H100i
  • Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Gene X79
  • RAM: Kingston Svage 32Gb
  • Video card: GTX 980 4Gb
  • Power supply: Corsair HXi 750
  • Housing: Outdoor stand

Adversary DeepCool Captain 240 today will become more thoroughbred dropsy Corsair H100i with 240mm radiators boast thicker working body and quieter pump. Corsair H100i was tested with fans GF120 came with Captain 240.

DeepCool Captain 240: NOISE LEVEL

The noise level was held with a digital sound level meter at a distance of ~ 10 cm, the minimum limit of the measurement noise is 30 dB, the noise level in the room is equal to 30,5-31,5dB given below 33-34dB can be considered absolutely silent, the error may be 1.5 -2dB. Reducing the rate of the pump makes it possible to be used with a quiet operation.

Work pump opponent much quieter, given the fact that it works at maximum speed.


CPU used for heating utility Linx 0.6.5 within 10minut at room temperature of 27 degrees. Test results are displayed on the chart. With decreasing temperature, the speed of the pump results become worse by 1-2 degrees.

Fairly predictable results, with a thicker radiator working body showed the best result.

DeepCool Captain 240: CONCLUSION

Disappointment, this was the result of testing DeepCool Captain 240. Despite all the prettiness that brought engineers in the design of Captain 240. DeepCool can not show good efficacy, while remaining a noisy pump at maximum speed. Of course, reducing the speed of the motor can get rid of excess noise, but it will be at the cost of efficiency. The only thing that pleased me is complete fans are really quiet and the quality I’m not afraid to say that they are not inferior to the fans Noctua. On such a minor note, ended review DeepCool Captain 240, but what’s interesting, I did review until after I received the test results started to compare the results of others … And horror of horrors, all the polls say that the pump is quiet, you choose who to believe reader, I their work done, you’re warned, be careful.

Review and testing DeepCool Captain 240 updated: March 19, 2015 author: John Malkovich