Computer case IN WIN GRone: snow-white giant

Computer case IN WIN GRone: snow-white giant

Next year will mark thirty years since then as IN WIN has been manufacturing buildings. During this time the company has not only firmly imprinted in the memory of the millions associated with the IT-industry people to its name, but also acquired a great experience in manufacturing a wide variety of buildings from inexpensive and practical to the expensive and very unusual.

Our guest today is something of a cross between the first and second, combining the relative accessibility, enormous capacity and ease of use. As befits a serious Full-Tower-solving, GRone delighted to take EATX-board, a couple of drives, up to eight drives and the excessive size of some video cards, providing all the kit the maximum thermal comfort. In this he was supported by five powerful 140 mm fans pre-installed, and the ability to use any available in the market super-cooler. If you and this is not enough, you can always organize high-quality water cooling, good space inside the case is really a lot. Boring standard solutions are not for you? Connect your system to an external radiator or use running water – GRone capable of doing that. And yet you have not started to think that we can not stand behind the above facts, we ask you to go into the main part of the survey, and all make their own

And without deciding which side of the box looks interesting, we will show both: one of them is as if only a decorative function, the other introduces us to the exterior GRone. At the same time, if you look closely, in the white lines on the background you can recognize the interior of the housing.

In contrast to their minimalist design ends full of information. They not only are the basic specifications and the dignity of the body, but also arranged the usual handles facilitate carrying the process: transport box measuring 60 × 29 × 66 inches and weighing under 16 pounds without them would have been very difficult.

Inside the box, we were greeted by the usual foam dampeners. Without the plastic bag, elegant white paint protects against accidental scuffs, too, was not.

Acrylic window is very unusual and atypical forms of blue on the outside was papered with the transport foil.

Transparent bag with a padlock contained in itself everything needed for assembly. This time we decided to leave the original packaging in place, because it has the inscription, announces the appointment of content. For mounting SSDs applied only eight screws, which in most cases will be enough. Recall, however, that claims to support these eight drives, and I would like to see the complete set of fasteners. In addition, the case came to us with pre-PSU 600 watts, so in one of the five inch bays were carefully retained the power cord and extension cord for connecting additional power to the processor (EATX12V).

Our guest today is a representative of a rare class now white accessories.

Black, lately usurped almost all the buildings market for gamers and enthusiasts, this time is the only contrasting element of the front panel. His presence is necessary and sufficient that a very aggressive front does not become boring and monotonous inexcusable. In addition, it is remarkable masks joint between the removable filter and plugs these three 5.25-inch bays, visually increasing their number.

Computer case IN WIN GRone: snow-white giant

The upper part of the panel used under the lights, buttons and interfaces. Exactly in the center, as expected, placed power button, combined with a power indicator. On the left side of it was a place for a thin strip at the same time playing the role of the Reset button and indicator disk activity. Symmetrically she entered the DIP switch fan speed. Under them at least a pair of organically USB 2.0, 3,5-mm jack microphone and headphones, as well as two more modern USB-ports of the third version. For buildings of this class is almost unspoken standard.

In addition to the gentlemen’s set proved to be the top covered with a soft rubber plug SATA-dock allows quickly connect an external 2.5 / 3.5-inch drive without the aid of external containers.

Housing cover can boast not only the opportunity to take the disk, but also lots of ventilation slots and mesh sidewalls. We immediately see that this design is intended to improve the removal of hot air from the high-performance components. In fact, the office is not the same machine to collect in these giants.

By switching-cooling component proceed to general aesthetic. The left wall of the body is notable for a large convex window of irregular shape with a slight blue tint and a barely noticeable logo of the manufacturer. If designers IN WIN thus tried to push us over the body with a block of ice or even an iceberg, they succeeded: it is such associations occur. Black GRone would look brutal piece of granite and red lights would add to that image of aggression, but the white version brings more cool and calm. Of course, pick up as white accessories for it will not be easy (for the PCB is even more rare color than the body), but just imagine how it would look, for example, ASUS TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark S and GeForce GTX 980 Series Hall of Fame from GALAXY …

Computer case IN WIN GRone: snow-white giant

Most buildings right wall completely nothing interesting: at best it will vyshtampovka to help compensate for the lack of space for cable management. Here, directly in front of the back side of the CPU socket, settled under the seat 120- or 140-mm fan. No one is forcing to use it, but the decision may be useful: on many motherboards power elements of the power converter put to the back side PCB, to make better use of the main space. As a bonus, the PCB temperature decreases, which helps extend the life of modern capacitors, designed only ten or twelve thousand hours of continuous operation. Those who wish to take advantage of the unusual seat recommend purchasing a fan of reduced thickness – standard placed back to back.

Rear view allows us to clearly see the huge capacity of the body. It is one thing – seen from the front, when there are no clues as to the scope. Other – see that the expansion slots occupy slightly more than half the available width and edge of the power supply is simply not visible. Acting on a good half an inch outside the window allows you to use the tower coolers up to 205 millimeters.

At the top, in addition to the required cutout interface panel of the motherboard, there was a place for the whole four holes to connect the hose external water cooling system with a diameter of 2.4 centimeters and one of the pre-installed 140 mm fans. The latter, thanks to the white blades, a specific form of perforation and location of mounting holes, slightly resembles a snowflake.

A little below you can find eight reusable plugs expansion slots with large square holes for the passage of air. Huge ventilation strip to the right of them has the same design.

Near the upper part of the slit can be detected, from which, if necessary, leans the metal body for locking the loop. Made very sensibly: does not prevent those who would never use it.

Despite the fact that the power supply is pre-set, not deprived of attention and this part of the body. Like many other buildings, BP can set the grill up or down – depending on the preferences of the user. In the first method the installation is sufficient fresh air provide polutorasantimetrovye plastic feet that raise the body above the surface.

The bottom of the housing shows us a hollow structure plastic legs and a lack of rubber linings. In the end, it is worth bearing in mind when placing the body only on surfaces that are easily scratched, as collected by the system due to the sheer weight of pure non-slip. Between pairs of legs you can see a place in the extra fans of sizes 120 and 140 millimeters, as well as perforation of the cooling system for the power supply. They closed frameless thin plastic filter with a relatively large openings.

Computer case IN WIN GRone: snow-white giant

Dust it will not save, but pet hair inside the system unit will close the path. Purification is not difficult: it is enough to remove the flexible plastic of the grooves. Set it back – it is a little more troublesome.

Before the front fan is the same filter, but with plastic frame and clasp retainer and it is equally easy to remove, and set in place – just in one click. Plugs five-inch bays for devices on the inner side also strengthened these filter pad.
The use of almost millimeter cold-rolled steel in combination with pleasant to the touch plastic varieties and excellent painting provide housing the highest score in the “workmanship”. The overall rigidity is on the expected high level.

Opens the body very easily. The tool for this is not required – just unscrew a couple of screws with knurled plastic head of larger diameter.

Take this opportunity to look at the inside of the wall. All edges are gently rounded, metal bends at the same time act as guides and stiffeners, so if properly fasten the wall, any backlash absent as a class. Box secured only eight points, but commands respect trehmillimetrovaya thickness and specific form avoids spurious vibrations.

The first in the newly discovered body met us lying at the bottom of the fan. The idea that the way it should, we immediately discarded, as the rack mounts the drive detects the pair latches. Based on this fact, we can draw two conclusions. Firstly, some transport companies can ignore the whole four stickers “fragile” on each side of the box (please scroll to the top of the article to be counted – one of them was carefully removed before shooting). Secondly, if such a method of fastening could provide some insurance for the transportation.

Luckily, the fan was not injured and was easily returned to its rightful place, and bolted over him the power cord and extension cord EATX12V reunited with the rest of the package. At this point, it was found that in the front of the case there was a similar story – in Russia GRone clearly not traveled first class. To remedy this situation, you will need to dismantle the basket to drive than we are extremely happy coincidence and had planned to do in the future.

After restoring order, you can proceed to the inspection. Power supply, bundled with the case, we have already mentioned, so long as we omit a detailed description thereof. At this time we are more interested in the motherboard tray, and on it there is a story to tell. Impressive width cutout for installation of reinforcement plate (backplate) cooler coupled with support for cards EATX form factor suggests that the body was designed including a dual-processor configuration. In fact, the hole is so great that, if desired, it can be free to pass a mean statistical motherboard – diagonal course. Location holes for cable management is also chosen based on the deployment of broad and very wide motherboards. If you add the eight available slots (which is perfect for graphic array of four video cards) and the maximum length expansion cards up to 340 millimeters (and if you remove the fan – 365!), It is terrible even to imagine what a monster can be hidden under this by-sheep white skin.

Above the motherboard space, too, abound – to the metal as much as 75 millimeters. Such thrifty engineers is on hand to fans of liquid cooling systems, here are ideally suited to three-section model. For 480-mm coil locations are likely to be insufficient, so the formal specification is a limited 360 millimeters. It successfully blends maintenance-free cooling system Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate, which in most cases would be more than enough.

Look on the right side of new details almost brings, pay attention except on a small dissonance between well designed rubber flap openings for cable management and a small amount of eyelets for fixing wires. By the way, for their installation are available for two and a half inch of space – this is another positive aspect associated with the possibility of installing a fan in front of the hole in the pan. Developed vyshtampovka on it and very competent folding the edges of the metal elements makes the body very hard. It can be easily moved by hand in the upper guide wall as the handle without feeling subsidence structure. In any case, we note that this is also true for the fully assembled system, the mass of which exceeds twenty pounds – the weight of its own, is able to hold any more or less decent housing.

It’s time to go to the description of opportunities to work with hard drives. No additional unusual places to install the add is not provided (except for docking connector on the top cover), so the default GRone may take up to eight 2.5 or 3.5-inch drives.

This situation is easily changed with a screwdriver. Unscrewing a couple of screws, you can reduce its capacity to three drives, make way for a powerful air stream transmitted from the upper front of the fan to the center. Establish a long expansion cards after this manipulation will not work due to the central iron partitions, which are attached to the upper basket and one of the fans. However, more than 365 millimeters of space may be required only for Voodoo5 6000 3dfx, so that incompatibility can not be afraid.

Removing the remaining three-local bottom basket, get the opportunity to (finally) set exactly safe transport fan and at the same time explore the cunning system mounts.

Five-inch devices, whether optical drives or multifunctional panel, the housing can be up to three pieces. The presence of eight latches can be explained by the unification of production or unusual way to count users keep a spare pair of bindings. Who wishes to further protect your device can take advantage of going to the set screw. The lack of internal partitions provides the ability to install “double-decker” designs like the ROG Front Base from ASUS.

Outside the body of the basket is as follows. The lower part is equipped with a rear projecting elements intended for getting in at the bottom of the housing slots, however only one fixed screw. Top, to allow installation in splendid isolation, received rails that guide her to hang under the five-inch bay devices. Final fixing is provided by two screws. Plastic skids are pushed into the basket very easily, provides a tighter hold the locking mechanism.

Installation without tools available only for 3.5-inch drives: it pre-installed in each frame four metal stud with rubber collar to reduce vibration. Insert the CD in the sled is not as easy as it seems at first glance: it is required not only to make considerable efforts, but also a lot of patience, because half the clips tend to be squeezed out of the groove, and sometimes even “razbortirovatsya.” This result, however, is well worth it – the drive is secured no less reliable than conventional screws. To install the smaller 2.5-inch drive is required to remove one of the brackets and use a screwdriver.

Computer case IN WIN GRone: snow-white giant updated: January 5, 2015 author: John Malkovich