CM Storm Nova Touch TKL review

CM Storm Nova Touch TKL review

As is the case at a faster video card, which might better graphics, a keyboard with a better assessment can make a world of difference. In this context we are discussing Nova Touch ACC CM Storm.

CM Storm focuses Nova TSL Touch users who do it especially is the best possible assessment and for which a pad portion is not important. The latter is, there is not found on. The board is very well built. The steel plate on which all switches are mounted ensures that the keyboard is not to twist. The attack is peculiar in that it feels solid, as is the case with a Cherry MX mechanical switch, but at the same time has a butter soft touch. In addition, the keyboard is equipped with a removable micro USB cable with gold plated connectors. All this fancy stuff comes with a pretty heavy price tag. You are an average of 165 euros for this keyboard.


Underneath we find folding feet that the keyboard can be placed at a slight angle. An advantage is that the ends are provided with rubber, so that the keyboard also does not move easily in this position. Often miss this extra rubber even in the most high-end models. The rubber O-rings, which the additional keys can be muted and shortened the attack of 4 millimeters to 3 millimeters, we are not against every day. To remove the keys of the switches a keypuller supplied. This is more luxurious than we usually encounter in a mechanical keyboard.

The keys are not illuminated. This makes it possible to work with more durable keys. The keys themselves are black in color, so it is not necessary to add an additional black layer, such that, when illuminated keys is the case. The UV coating on such keys is less wear-resistant, whereby the surface is shiny earlier. Non-illuminated buttons are made of black ABS plastic. With a laser the text from the key engraved and filled with white paint so that the imprint is visible. This is thick, so the text will not soon disappear.

CM Storm Nova Touch TKL review

The font used is similar to that of the classic Cherry keyboards. From experience we do know that this white print can be slightly darker by dirt. This was also slightly visible in our first test sample of the Nova Touch ACCs, which is about a month has been used by a colleague. The surface of the housing is provided with rubber with a UV coating. Same finish we saw earlier on keyboards Qpad like the MK-85.

Competition and additional opportunities

Like Cherry MX switches were previously difficult to obtain, which now applies to models of Topre. With the release of this first regular keyboard with these switches, it will probably have to change. We expect soon more manufacturers come up with variations on this keyboard with the same switches. We are on the attack of these switches in any case excited. Among the real keyboard fanatics there a long time demand for keyboards with this specific Topre switches.

There are currently several keyboards available with these switches, but to be imported from outside the EU before. Examples are the type Heaven and Real Force 87U of Topre and the Professional 2 HHKB. The type Heaven is better suited for administrative actions by the Numpad part, but otherwise the Nova Touch ACC expanded. Additional features of the Nova Touch are the adjustable repeat rate of the keys to 2 to 8 times, the media functions and volume among the F1 to F12 keys. These are accessible via a function key next to the right Windows key. Windows can also be turned off, the keys in the same way.

CM Storm Nova Touch TKL review

That with the Nova Touch TKL now a board with switches regular Topre is available, has the advantage that the keyboard to obtain also in other layouts and is no longer limited to US International.


Want better attack, then you come often from a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches. Dome-keys, however, have their advantages. That you should indeed fully press to register an attack, but often feel a lot softer and more natural than mechanical keys. Cooler Master brings the Nova Touch TKL a new switch to the European market that combines the best of both worlds. This Topre switches consist of a dome above a spring that releases an electrostatic charge. With that charge a stop is detected, even before the key is fully depressed, just as in a Cherry MX mechanical switch. One difference is that the attack does not proceed completely linear, there is 45 grams necessary to the actuatiepunt, but then the attack is about twice as bright. With a Cherry MX switch was stable.

You do not have to press all the way down to register a touch and pressing feels more natural than with a mechanical switch. The Topre switch provides 45 grams backpressure before an attack is detected, which indicates the underlying spring but 5 grams backpressure. So the spring is mainly function to record the attack, the dome is mainly responsible for the sense of touch.

CM Storm Nova Touch TKL review

CM Storm claims a actuatiepunt 1mm, while Cherry MX sit on 2,2mm. Razer takes our Kailh mechanical switches 1.9mm. As a result, the Nova Touch TKL would be the new leader are at the level of the shortest impression and thus also have the fastest that regular keyboard is available. A complete impression is common to all the keys 4mm. CM Storm, however, achieves the claimed 1mm not on the three test samples we received. The lowest that we have measured 1.9mm equal to Razer, with peaks at 2.4mm. That’s nowhere near the claimed value. This difference is understandable, because the attack is recorded with a static charge that a key may vary. With each key cargo net is constructed differently by the spring. This will, for all three of the models tested the case. In itself, this has in our view not adversely affect the typing experience the way.

The sound that the keys to make, according to CM Storm approximately equal to that of rubber dome keys. That we can not confirm. The rebound of the keys happens before too noisy. Placing the rubber o-rings helps in part to mute the attack, but makes the Nova Touch TKL not much quieter. The complete impression is thus limited to 3mm. There are also Topre switches have extra rubber rings, which the recoil is muted, but they are not applied in this keyboard. The switches do make less noise than than red and brown Cherry MX switches.

The stabilizers in the extended keys make as much noise as those of Costar in combination with Cherry MX switches. The stabilizers for the longer keys are also developed by Topre. These are just built something else. The iron rod which ensures that the key remains in balance, is located under the upper layer of the casing, while it is normally visible is present in the key. This makes changing the long keys a lot easier than with Cherry MX switches with eg Costar or Cherry stabilizers.

The Topre Switches in Nova Touch ACCs are extra special by the addition of the cross is also present at Cherry MX switches. This makes this keyboard is the only one on the market with Topre switches that can accommodate the wide range of optional removable keys for Cherry MX. Mainly keyboard fanatics are focused on the best materials, for example, an improved wear resistance, such as the various types of plastic PBT, POM and PP. Almost all keyboards are equipped with keys made of ABS plastic. The imprint is of interest, for example Double Shot provides extra durability because the font of plastic as thick as the key itself, so the print is durable. There are also keycaps available in different colors to different sections of the keyboard can be better highlighted.

The removable micro USB cable is replaceable and can therefore be replaced or modified to add a personal touch to the keyboard. Gives CM Storm that you receive a new one from a defect in the cable without problems.


About the typing experience Nova Touch TKL we can be brief, we are very impressed. Butter soft touch combined with the actuatiepunt mid attack is very pleasant. This brings the softness of dome switches and the precision and speed of mechanical switches together. The attack of this Topre switches also feel fuller than that of Cherry MX switches. We measured also the seriousness of the impression on the entire keyboard with 45 grams is the same. Only the spacebar is slightly heavier with 58.5 grams. Well actuatiepunt fluctuated between 1.9 and 2.4 millimeters. At Cherry MX mechanical switches this is tight with each key 2.2 millimeters. This difference, we have measured with a digital caliper and repeatedly carried out at more than one key. In practice, we notice here absolutely nothing in any case.

Monitoring LEDs for the capsids and scrollock functions miss out on this keyboard. As indicated earlier, there is no number pad portion present, what is can be a useful addition to many input work.


The CM Storm Nova Touch TSL will definitely delight those with sufficient budget and a penchant for a good keyboard. The attack is one of the best we have experienced so far and the build quality of the keyboard is excellent. Even the packaging is carried out upscale, as are the keycap puller. With the supplied rubber o-rings, you can adjust the touch even further to your own taste. The keycaps are extra durable, though the white letter print is sometimes dirty pretty fast. Keycaps for Cherry MX switches can also be used on this keyboard, so you can replace them to their hearts. Since this is a Tenkeyless keyboard, it is important to realize that there is no number pad portion is present, which may be a lack of many data entry.

Unfortunately CM Storm can claim the shortest impression with 1 millimeter to the actuatiepunt not true with this Topre keyboard, we measured a minimum of 1.9 to 2.4 millimeters per key alternately.

CM Storm Nova Touch TKL review updated: February 22, 2015 author: John Malkovich