Review Gaming Mouse ASUS ROG Sica

Review Gaming Mouse ASUS ROG Sica

Over the past two years, ASUS began to pay very close attention to the segment of gaming peripherals, demonstrating a clear desire to gain a foothold there to stay. Series Echelon, ROG, and Strix replenished with new devices with enviable speed and in this review, we consider have not yet entered into mass production gaming mouse called Sica range of Republic of Gamers. This name refers to a historically short curved sword that was used by a tribal peoples heyday of the Roman Empire. And the literal meaning of the words – “cut” or “cut.” It is already clear that the mice were given the role of the base unit with the most simple functionality when compared, for example, with the ROG Gladius. And what then is its highlight – the reader will ask?Running a little ahead, I say – the beauty of this device lies in the stuffing. But let’s look at everything in order.
Technical characteristics

Manufacturer ASUS
Manufacturer Website
Model ROG Sica
Interface Wired (USB)
Type Gaming (FPS / MMO / RTS-games)
Sensor Type Optical
Sensor model Pixart PMW-3310DH-AWQT
Resolution, cpi 50-5000
Number of buttons 3 buttons + scroll (left, middle, right, scroll up and down)
Maximum acceleration, g 30
Lofted height (LOD), mm 1.5
Maximum speed m / sec 3.30
Poll Frequency USB-ports, Hz 125/250/500/1000
Frame rate, fps 6500
Internal Memory, KB Yes I Am
Scroll 1
Scroll Vertical / Horizontal +/-
Cord Length, m 2
Ability to change the weight
Ability to adjust the shape of the hull
Cable material Without braiding
Material surface of the body Plastic
Color Gray
Backlight Yes I Am
Zone lighting Logo
Material legs Teflon
Software Yes (ASUS ROG Armoury)
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 115 x 62 x 39
Weight, g 80
Compatible with OS Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Additionally For easy replacement of main switches

Supply and equipment

Product packaging is made of the classic series for ROG-red-and-black style, which is difficult to confuse with anything else. Although highly technical information on it a little bit, about all the main advantages of the mouse described in some detail.

Review Gaming Mouse ASUS ROG Sica

In addition, the mouse will be possible to consider without removing the box. Although his hand to try it still does not work.

Supplied modest and only includes instructions and two stickers. And, of course, the manipulator itself.

Appearance and Design

Design Sica tries to match a series of canons of ROG. The basic material here is gray plastic. The bottom and sides are made of brushed uhvatistogo material, upper panel – from the relatively smooth plastic with a small mirror effect. And all this is added a few strips of shiny black and red on the top and on the sides of the main buttons. The symmetrical shape of the manipulator, wherein a small thickening in the back of the case, something vaguely reminiscent of Razer Abyssus past generation.

Six-foot USB-cable deprived of any braid, and on the degree of hardness it can be considered average – take some effort to give it the desired bend, but then it will retain this angle without attempting to return to another position.

Review Gaming Mouse ASUS ROG Sica

In profile Sica different decent height (38 mm), chopped front and rounded rear. The left and right sides are identical and it cost no extra buttons. The boards have an average coefficient of friction and are held in the hand rather due to the slope, rather than the forces of surface friction. On each side of the back, if you look closely, you can see the intricate geometric pattern, stylized fine art of the Maya.

Front of the entrance to the enclosure is the defense of inflection wires and large visible gaps between the major keys and their surrounding panels.

The symmetrical shape of the body allows the use of any type of grip, but will be most comfortable “thumbs up” or “claws.” It is these variants grip fully to take advantage of the low weight of the manipulator when making quick movements active in FPS-games.

At the stern there is a logo Republic of Gamers, illuminated red LED. This projection is particularly clearly visible sloping side faces through which the mouse is sitting firmly in the palm of the user.

The mouse is equipped with only three buttons with the rubberized scroll wheel. The panels are made of two main keys separately from the rest of the body and are very easy to press with a highly visible and tactile feedback with a loud ringing click. Wheel tighter when pressed, the operation sound of muffled, scrolling different fixation positions clear and well-chosen rolling resistance.

Based on the mouse, there are three large and well located Teflon feet. Near each of them can be considered small holes to easily hook the data labels and take them to replace with new ones. Sensor window is surrounded by a triangular protective barrier. It costs one of the best optical sensors in its class – Pixar PMW-3310DH-AWQT, that, in fact, is the first and main advantage of ASUS ROG Sica.

Sica – this is a case where all the fun is inside. And to get there, you need to remove the rubber cap and unscrew the two screws. After which the top cover is easily removed by swinging to the side and pull out and up.

It looks like the top panel from the inside. Pay attention to the diffuser for LED backlight which makes softer and scattered.

And here is the filling of the mouse.

The second major advantage of this manipulator – special connectors for the main switch that allows the mechanism to replace the buttons on any suitable in size without the aid of a soldering iron. Switches simply extracted from the nest and all. Default is set mechanisms Omron D2FC-F-7N.

In mice only one item is highlighted – logo aft.


As software for ASUS ROG Sica proposed driver ROG Armoury (generally similar to what we have previously seen in the mouse ROG Gladius) version 1.20, which is not yet in the public domain. In the future, it should become a universal program to configure all peripheral devices of the series. In the settings you can choose the interface language, update the software, go to the official page or read the instructions for use. In addition, the driver can run both with the system, and separately manually.

Review Gaming Mouse ASUS ROG Sica

In the Settings tab buttons the user can reassign the five teams. Available for the execution of the basic functions of a mouse, Windows commands or macros and multimedia. In addition, you can create any number of profiles for each variant layout of buttons and settings of the sensor, but will be active only one profile that is stored directly in the internal memory of the mouse. All other stored on your computer, it is necessary to activate manually.

For regulated sensor parameters such as acceleration and deakseleratsiya cursor depending on its speed, the sensor sampling frequency selection within 125/250/500 Hz, or 1000, and the change in sensitivity of the optical sensor in the range of 50 to 5,000 cpi increments of 50 cpi.

Available and backlight control, which can be switched on or off, to make permanent or shimmering and choose the luminescence intensity of the LED.

And looks editor macros.

In general, simple and clear, but so far it is not stable. For example, do not always properly stored sensitivity settings. But these flaws can be forgiven, because it is still a beta version of the driver.

Ergonomics and testing

To test the manipulator, ASUS ROG Sica gave us a special playing surface called Whetstone. The mat has dimensions 326h273h2 mm, weight 190 grams, the coefficient of friction – increased, which allows to carry it to class Control.

Here is the packaging, through the hole in which the surface can be touched up buying without opening the box.

Surface texture – Silk fabric with the same intricate geometric pattern that we saw on the side of the mouse Sica and Glasdius. Feels like without it could well be dispensed with, and this decoration is remarkable only in terms of design, but not the functionality.

The reverse side is a thick silicone base, meet the following in red.

In using ROG Sica proved to be easy and convenient mouse. This is achieved primarily through the classic hull shape and light weight. Despite its small size, it lies well in the hand. The height of the separation is small and will not cause censures even in the most demanding players. At first, the need to get used to too responsive switches basic buttons, but after a couple of days this is mitigated completely. In regard to the speed of the cursor and accelerations – all excellent. I’ve never been able to cause the failure of the sensor under the most sudden movements even at a resolution of 50 cpi. It is interesting to read and set the path of the cursor – to other similar sensors as it were “floating” or “stretches” and here – dramatically takes the specified point. Acceleration at the same time is completely absent. Lightly felt linearity of the trajectory, but it is not so critical as to cause the effect of “cutting corners”. The only thing I do not regularly enough, so it is a separate button switch sensitivity.

Review Gaming Mouse ASUS ROG Sica


ASUS ROG Sica – it’s a great gaming mouse, in which there is nothing superfluous. The rare case when all the resources to the penny was invested in functionality, rather than questionable design refinements.Classical universal form of the body (which, moreover, can be easily disassembled), light weight, best-in-class sensor Easily replaced legs and even change the basic buttons switches with a special connector. What else you need professional player? It seems to me that this is more than enough.

What are the disadvantages of this product? First of all – it’s buggy software, but until the mouse comes to mass production, drivers will have time to improve a few more times. Comes with removable legs and no spare switches, but it is an attempt to reduce the final cost of the product and similar things can always be ordered separately. And there is no separate button for switching resolution – the only thing that is really missing.

The recommended price for the ASUS ROG Sica is about $ 50 and today it is the most affordable option for those who require optical sensor Pixart PMW-3310.

Source: Asus

Review Gaming Mouse ASUS ROG Sica updated: March 27, 2015 author: John Malkovich