AMD: «We will release other than the GPU and increase market share!”

AMD: «We will release other than the GPU and increase market share!"

Lisa Su, Executive Director of Advanced Micro Devices, said during an interview at the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show, the company has a number of “excellent” GPUs in the plans for this year. The new GPU will help the company to increase its market share in graphics cards, having beaten her the corporation NVIDIA.

AMD’s results of operations in 2014 in the market GPU rather heterogeneous. On the one hand, AMD managed to release a graphics card AMD Radeon R9 295X2 based on two chips Hawaii, which became the most high-performance gaming solution on the market. In addition, the company was able to strengthen its position in the market of professional graphics cards. On the other hand, AMD has not released any new GPU, with the exception of the chip, code-named Tonga, which is almost does not increase performance over previous generation Radeon R9 280-series based on GPU Tahiti.

Unlike competitor, NVIDIA has released two new graphics chip and four new graphics solutions only for the desktop market, significantly increasing sales of its GPU. As a result, AMD has lost part of its market share in the second half of the NVIDIA 2014. Nevertheless, the company remains optimistic and plans to return the lost share back.

“When I look at the 2015 th, I see great products in the long-term plan, which we will discuss later this year,” – said Lisa Su at the thirteenth annual technology forum JP Morgan at the exhibition CES. “I see the new products as an opportunity to increase market share in the specified period of time.”

AMD: «We will release other than the GPU and increase market share!"

Quite naturally, the head of AMD does not disclose any specific information about the company’s plans. Known from unofficial sources that AMD is preparing at least one new graphics card series Radeon R9 for enthusiasts, which not only greatly enhance the performance compared to the existing graphics card, but will be the first GPU in the industry that will use broadband multi-layer memory high bandwidth (stacked high-bandwidth memory, HBM). It is known that SK Hynix will begin mass production of memory HBM in the first quarter of 2015.

The good news is the confirmation of plans to produce a variety of products, so you can rely on the announcement by several new GPU.

“You will see our new graphics solutions this year; As a rule, we keep secret any details until we are ready to release new products on the market “, – said Ms. Su.

Given the fact that many of the graphics chips in the family of AMD products for desktops and laptops on the market for more than two years, it is important for the company to introduce new graphics processors this year. Unfortunately, it is unclear exactly how many new GPU and how new solutions based on them will be launched into the market in the coming quarters.

Taking into account that AMD plans to introduce its graphics processors based on the post-GCN architecture only in 2016, GPU AMD this year will continue to use current technology GCN. Apparently, the new Radeon will be based on the architecture GCN 1.2, keep a couple of improvements relating to the three-dimensional graphics, and advanced multimedia features. Among other things, the new GPU may include a hardware encoders / decoders for video super clear resolution (ultra-high-definition, UHD), such as H.265 / HEVC, VP9, H.264 for 4K, etc. new units to improve the quality of video playback and other improvements.

Positive factor for AMD is that the company’s management knows what to expect from NVIDIA in 2015, and that the next generation GPU from the main competitor (codenamed Pascal) is not expected until next year. It is obvious that NVIDIA can update its lineup at the end of 2015, using available chips based on the architecture Maxwell, who still can present a number of surprises. Nevertheless, it is clear that AMD today much better understanding of what to expect from your competitor than it was last year.

AMD: «We will release other than the GPU and increase market share!” updated: January 18, 2015 author: John Malkovich