Review Power supply Seasonic S12G-450 (SSR-450RT)

Review Power supply Seasonic S12G-450 (SSR-450RT)

Power supply capacity of less than 550 watts is gradually gaining popularity, although in our country they are still not very much in demand. Most people prefer to take for the same money power unit 600-750 watts rather than 350-450 watts, although for many systems, this power is excessive.However, in the sale, including in Russia, there are new models “small” power cost about $ 100 and have 80 Plus certified high level. (However, the mere existence of this certificate does not say anything about the quality or consumer use components.)

We got the opportunity to meet with one of these modern products in the face of the younger representative series S12G company Seasonic S12G-450. In addition to this model also includes a series of solutions with 550, 650 and 750 watts.

Packaging design is not unusual, but overall it looks very nice. With regard to its practical qualities, then it uses the construction of two boxes: the outer jacket of thick paper and inner box made of corrugated cardboard. Convenience, this design does not add.

The power supply unit has a well-recognized design: black matte finish, stamped ventilation grille above the fan size 120 mm. Appearance quite stylish.

Review Power supply Seasonic S12G-450 (SSR-450RT)

Seasonic S12G-450: Characteristics

All necessary parameters are specified on the housing power supply in full, for power bus + 12VDC stated value of 444 watts. The ratio of the power bus + 12VDC and the total power is 0.986, which is an excellent indicator.

Seasonic S12G-450: Wire length and number of connectors

 Review Power supply Seasonic S12G-450 (SSR-450RT)

Set of connectors from Seasonic S12G-450 can be considered optimal for a given power. The power supply is equipped with eight connectors SATA Power, while the bulk of making capacity of 450-550 W offers no more than six such connectors.

Wire length is sufficient for comfortable use in buildings full tower size and more overall overhead power supply. In the building height to 55 cm nizhneraspolozhennym power supply wiring length must also be sufficient: the connector to the CPU power – about 60 cm. Thus, with the majority of modern buildings should be no problem. But in the case of a very overall frame size full tower (or more) the length of the wires to the power connector of the processor may not be enough.

Seasonic S12G-450: Cooling system

The power supply has a fan ADDA Corporation AD1212MB-A71GL size 120 mm. Based on the fan bearings, which should provide an adequate service life. For this modification declared rotation speed 2050 rpm at rated power is 12 W. With the replacement of fan size 120 mm should be no problem, as they are widely available commercially.

Semiconductor components of high-voltage circuits are placed on two compact radiators.Synchronous rectifier transistors are placed on the back side of the PCB and it is cooled through the last (on the front side of the board with a small heat sink). Independent sources + 3.3VDC and 5VDC mounted on a printed circuit board and a subsidiary, according to tradition, the additional heat sinks are not – it is quite typical for the power supply with active cooling.

Review Power supply Seasonic S12G-450 (SSR-450RT)

The capacitors in the power supply installed production of Japanese companies: Hitachi, Rubycon, Nippon Chemi-Con. Set manufacturers very personable, which can not but rejoice. BP also established a number of polymer capacitors.

Seasonic S12G-450: Testing power supply

The first stage of the test is to operate the power supply at maximum power for a long time. This test allows you to confidently ensure efficiency PSU.

When operating at maximum capacity concern is how the voltage on channel + 3.3VDC – it is very low, although within the norm.

The next step is to construct a test tool characteristics (tures) and submitting it to chetvertploskosti limited maximum power bus 3,3 & 5 on one side (on the ordinate) and the maximum capacity of the bus 12 on the other side – on the abscissa. At each point of the measured value of the voltage indicated by a color marker depending on the deviation from the nominal value.

It is necessary to clarify that in the presence of abnormalities within three percent of the power supply parameters can be considered to be at a good level.

In this model, all over the tested range of power there is no deviation of more than five percent. In a typical power distribution channels deflection voltage values ​​on the main channels does not exceed two percent – this is a very good result, close to ideal.

Review Power supply Seasonic S12G-450 (SSR-450RT)

During the next stage of testing, we measure the voltage is AC, which is connected to the power supply unit under study, while working on the last constant power. Based on these data calculated parameters determining the efficiency and effectiveness of power supply.

Economy model is also a very good level. The maximum output power supply dissipates a little less than 46 watts.

As for the work in the lightly loaded and unloaded conditions, then everything is very worthy: the sleep mode on its own power supply consumes less than 1 watt in active mode – about 8 watts.

Efficiency PSU is at a very good level. According to our measurements, the efficiency of the PSU reaches over 89% in the power range from 100 to 450 watts, the maximum recorded value was about 91.6% on the power of 300 watts. Simultaneously, the efficiency at 50 W power was about 84%.

We also measure the inrush current at idle with a fully charged capacitors.

The value is relatively low – there is a chance for normal operation with low power UPS.

At the request of chitateteley now and we measure the maximum power that the power supply is able to pay through a single power connector card PCI-E. During this testing stage is loaded power supply + 12VDC channel through only one slot PCI-E, with the load on channels + 3.3VDC and + 5VDC is set at about 1 amp per channel.

In this case, through a single power socket can get a full channel power + 12VDC.

Seasonic S12G-450: Noise measurement

In preparing this material, we used the technique for measuring the noise power supply, which still has the status of experimental. The power supply is located on a flat surface fan up on him at a distance of 0.35 meters placed measurement microphone sound level meter Octave 110A-Eco, which is measured and the noise level. The load power supply is carried out by a special stand having smooth operation. During the noise measurement is performed on the operation of the power supply constant power for 20 minutes, then the noise level measurement is performed.

A similar distance to the measurement object is closest to the desktop layout system unit with installed power supply. This method allows to estimate noise power unit under severe conditions from the viewpoint of a small distance from the noise source to the user. By increasing the distance to the noise source and the appearance of additional obstacles, having a good sound-reflecting ability, the noise level at the control point will also decrease, leading to improvement in the overall acoustic ergonomics.

Noise power supply when working in a range of up to 275 W inclusive is very low – about 23 dBA at a distance of 0.35 meters (corresponding DESKTOP CPU unit). Noted source with noise at night except that you can with a small (less than 1 meter) distance, especially if listening, and turning off all other appliances and eliminate other noise sources, including in the system unit.

At 350W noise increases significantly, and its level reaches 39 dB under the condition placed on a desktop, that is, at the location of the power supply in the near field with respect to the user. This is a very high noise level for the dwelling.

At 450 W noise is already very high, near the source of the noise level of this extremely uncomfortable, especially long-term.

We also appreciate the noise electronics power supply, because in some cases it is the source of unwanted overtones. This phase of testing is carried out by determining the difference between the noise level in our laboratory with the included power supply and shut off. If the value obtained is within 5 dB, no deviations in the acoustic properties of BP no. With a difference of more than 10 dBA, as a rule, there are certain defects that can be heard from a distance of about half a meter.

At this stage, the sound level meter measurement microphone is located at a distance of about 40 mm from the upper surface of the PSU, as long distance measurement electronics noise is very difficult. The measurement is performed in two modes: standby mode (STB, or Stand by) and running the load power supply, but forcibly stopped fan.

In this case, electronic noise is not noticeable, the main contribution to the overall noise power unit brings the fan is running.

Seasonic S12G-450: Another fan

After the testing is representative of Seasonic told us that in the near future plans to release a new revision of this model with other fans. We were given the same new fan to measure the acoustic characteristics of the modification.

Model HA1225M12F-Z, according to the manufacturer’s labeling, based on hydrodynamic bearings and has a rotation speed of 2050 rev / min, which is indicated on the label. However, at the manufacturer’s website for the model stated rotational speed of 2000 rev / min, from which we can conclude that this is a modification, are made by special order of Seasonic. Fan manufactured by Dongguan Honghua Electronic Technology.

The difference in acoustic ergonomics really is, though small, and it is in favor of a new fan. The most noticeable difference in the level of noise at work on the power of 350 watts. There is an option with a new fan shows already quite ergonomic noise level close to srednetipichnym values, whereas with the old version of the fan showed significantly higher values ​​close to the ergonomic limit of 40 dBA.

However, even at lower power ratings noise reduced by 2-3 dB, demonstrating the extremely low level of up to 200 W inclusive. On the power of 275 W is no difference, according to our measurements, no – noise as he was, and has remained at a very low level. At the maximum power level of the noise is also not changed.

Thus, acoustic ergonomics Seasonic S12G-450 with installation of new fan improved and can now claim to present only in very high noise at maximum load.

Seasonic S12G-450: Evaluation of consumer qualities

Consumer quality Seasonic S12G-450 are at a good level. Certain complaints deserves implementation channel + 3.3VDC, which can not boast of high load capacity, although in real terms in the type system is unlikely to have any difficulty with the typical load on a given channel 1-2 A. Also worth noting several distinctive acoustic ergonomics BP: When the load power up to 275 W noise level low and very low, but from 350 W – already high. Modification to the new fan a few “lubricates” the sharp transition, allowing the load to 350 watts at an ergonomic noise level. In general, for lovers of peace, this model is suitable only limited. Economy PSU mains operation records and beats. Of the advantages of Seasonic S12G-450, we note a very commendable electrical characteristics in standard mode, a large number of connectors, as well as the use of capacitors of Japanese manufacturers, the maximum temperature of 105 ° C.

Seasonic S12G-450:Results

The power supply will turn out very interesting, though not perfect. The combination of good consumer qualities, the use of Japanese capacitors, as well as the brand Seasonic allows the product to stand out from the crowd making a similar capacity. However, the price in the region of $ 100 is also very much distinguishes this product. When considering the purchase of BP in this aspect, you may find that its value is almost identical to Seasonic S12G-550 and slightly higher than the Seasonic G-360. So what about the popularity of this model is highly questionable. As for the competition offered by other players in the market, the decision to completely Japanese capacitors, to put it mildly, a bit (of course, this is true only for a group of BP worth about $ 100). If this option is discarded, the competition here is much broader, including eating foods that go beyond today’s survey participants simultaneously on consumer qualities and power at a comparable cost. However, these solutions quite a bit, and they still have to search. If the buyer wants to buy a power supply it with Japanese capacitors and low noise at low and medium loads, the product of a series of Seasonic S12G will be one of the options that you can actually buy in our country.

Review Power supply Seasonic S12G-450 (SSR-450RT) updated: January 17, 2015 author: John Malkovich