CES 2015: Cherry introduced mechanical keyboard MX Board 6.0

CES 2015: Cherry introduced mechanical keyboard MX Board 6.0

Many people know Cherry primarily as a manufacturer of mechanical switches. The German company, who made himself too mechanical keyboards. As the Cherry MX Board passed 3.0 last summer our test lab. This was somewhat disappointing in terms of build quality, for example, the case was simple twist. Also, there were few interesting features present. At CES, however, shows the company a new model that should catch the eye; Cherry MX Board 6.0.

Where the Board MX 3.0 a very simple board concerns picks Cherry significantly more with the MX Board 6.0. It’s no surprise that he, like his predecessor, on Cherry MX switches features. Initially only available MX Red, over time, there is a choice of MX Black, Blue MX and MX Brown mechanical switches. The keyboard has an aluminum body with a brushed finish. It comes with a wrist rest with rubber finish that using magnets to the keyboard is attached. In addition, Cherry claims that the board significantly “faster” than should be regular mechanical keyboards. Thus, the keyboard uses an analog sampling technology called RealKey ‘, this should provide the digital sampling which is typically used for shorter response to mechanical keyboards.

The MX Board 6.0 is a full-size keyboard with another four additional buttons above the number pad; Windows key lock, forward, play / pause and backward. There are also various media features available using key combinations using the FN key. The board is equipped with red backlight brightness setting is to your liking. In eg the Caps Lock, Windows, and FN is also a blue LED present that shows whether the key is locked. The whole is connected with a two meter USB cable with braided finish.

The Cherry MX Board 6.0 to appear in the spring at a suggested retail price of € 189, -.

CES 2015: Cherry introduced mechanical keyboard MX Board 6.0 updated: January 7, 2015 author: John Malkovich