The bracelet will monitor the health of a person by analyzing their sweat


Perspiration emitted by skin can tell a lot about the state of our body. But earlier its study could take a lot of time. What if the wearable gadget like a bracelet will be able to analyze the excretions of our skin in real time? That is the goal set by the researchers from the University of California at Berkeley, led by Professor Ali Cavit. Moreover, they even managed to create a working prototype of such a device.

“Sweat contains very extensive information about the human body. However, it is quite a complex fluid, so we have developed a fully integrated non-invasive system that analyzes samples of sweat and transfer the information to your smartphone. Our main goal is to develop the body monitoring platform based on the analysis of secretions of sweat glands,” – says Professor Ali Cavit.

Bracelet monitors the key chemical compounds in sweat in real time using the array of sensors located on the flexible circuit. Sensors monitor the concentration of glucose and lactic acid metabolism products, as well as the levels of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. In addition, the temperature of the human skin is measured. Bracelet places the CPU board, and coprocessors for analyzing data obtained from sensors.


On the basis of the data obtained, bracelet concludes, for example, the body hydration during sports training, as well as the level of muscle fatigue. The research team has tested the bracelet, as well as its variation as a sports bandage for a head on hundreds of volunteers, who in the course of the tests did various exercises. The data allowed scientists to collect huge amount of data, on the basis of which a special mobile application has been developed.

Of course, the project is still under development, so it is too early to talk about the final version of the gadget. However, the current achievements of scientists suggest, that the wearable electronics of the future will offer us much more flexibility than those available on the market today.

The bracelet will monitor the health of a person by analyzing their sweat updated: February 5, 2016 author: Darina