Solid State Drive Western Digital Green PC SSD 240GB


Undoubtedly, one of the most significant events of the IT industry in 2016 was the acquisition of SanDisk company by Western Digital – a major producer of storage devices based on flash memory. This bargain is not only ensured WD presence in the market of solid-state drives and memory cards, but also give access to assets of SanDisk’s, including production of NAND chips joint with Toshiba, which have been actively preparing for the supply of multi-layer 3D NAND in an industrial scale. Thus, the prospects of the alliance of Western Digital and SanDisk looks very promising and the first fruits of this union can be considered release of SSD under the Western Digital brand name. To date, the vendor presents the Green, and Blue lines SSDs. “Green” SSDs are positioned as a low-cost entry-level universal solutions, while device of the “blue” series are designed for more affluent users, who demand higher speed to the disk subsystem. Who knows, maybe, in the future we’ll see the drives from the Black line for enthusiasts or specialized Red modifications for storage. Today we’ll look closer to the Western Digital Green PC SSD 240GB.

It should be noted that each model can have one of two design versions: a body of 2,5”, or M.2 format 2280. As for the range, then the “green” line contains only of two modifications of 120 GB and 240 Gb, while “blue” drives are available in three dimensions: 250, 500 and 1000 GB. Traditionally, the higher capacity – the higher speed performance and service life, while the average MTBF 1.75 million hours is the same for all devices, and also no different warranty period – 36 months from date of purchase. Regardless of the form factor all SSDs are compatible SATA interface 6 Gb/s.


We got to test the older of the two “green” SSDs, namely WDS240G1G0A, who arrived in a test lab in retail packaging, decorated in white and green color scheme. All the details, including the model name, its volume, date of manufacture, and serial number are both printed on a sticker located on the back side of the box.

Inside the body, halves of which are connected without screws by means of a number of latches, is a miniature printed circuit board, which occupies almost 1/3 of the total usable space. By the way, SanDisk inscription on the PCB of turquoise color gives the true origin of the SSD. On the front face, there was a place for a couple of chips SanDisk 05,498 064G, which are based on 15-nm semiconductor crystals TLC NAND, made on the Toshiba and WD (SanDisk) joint venture.


Solid State Drive Western Digital Green PC SSD 240GB updated: January 27, 2017 author: Darina