Sets of DDR4-memory Patriot Viper 4 with capacity up to 128 GB


Company Patriot during the exhibition Computex 2015 announced new sets of RAM Viper 4 for use in high-power desktop computers and systems for the enthusiast.

Viper 4 modules of DDR4 standard are designed for installation on motherboards with a set of logic Intel X99 processors and Intel Haswell-E. Company Patriot notes that the products were designed specifically with a view to overclockers, gamers and demanding users working on the creation of content on a professional level.

Buyers will be offered sets of the total volume of 64 and 128 GB. In the first case, four strips, each with capacity of 16 GB, the second – the same eight strips. The operating frequency is 2400 MHz; later will be released items with a higher frequency. The supply voltage is 1.2 V. Timings – 14-16-16-31.


It is noted that the memory Viper 4 support JavaScript XMP 2.0, which in theory makes it easier to overclock. In addition, the developer focuses on specially designed heatsinks, which ensures stable operation under high loads and at high frequencies.

Sales of new sets will begin in the third quarter of this year. There is no information about the price yet.

Sets of DDR4-memory Patriot Viper 4 with capacity up to 128 GB updated: June 27, 2015 author: Darina