Review Speakers Sony SRS-X1

Review Speakers Sony SRS-X1

In this small column can be traced all the trends Sony in recent years – there is a protection against water and solid plug (where without it), there is NFC and technology “surround sound”. It remains to solve only one – whether to spend money on it?

Sony SRS-X1: Design, construction

Our site has reviews of all speakers Sony’s SRS-X. I really like the line, all products have received excellent in terms of price and quality, have a nice design, excellent sound quality. I am glad that many of these items due to the undecided, some for the first time tried to portable speakers, and were pleased with the acquisition.

I really liked the music center Sony SRS-X9, functional and interesting device with excellent sound quality. The store any of these systems is not available, it is already says a lot. Let’s see what the most budget column in the series.

Previously, Sony has released a column in the shape of a ball, the distinctive features include a special internal structure – it was meant to provide the effect of “surround sound”. And it did work, it was possible to put a column in the corner of the room, but did not understand where the sound comes from. In the Sony SRS-X1 is the same principle used here one speaker cone over it, the sound wave propagates around the device. But we must take into account the size and do not wait for miracles from the device.

The column is available in three colors, it’s black, white and purple, the latter looks very nice.

Dimensions are minimal column fits easily into a small bag in the luggage just will not take up much space. The dimensions are 78 x 80 x 78 mm, weight – only 185 grams. Build an excellent, there’s no question, many branded chips. For example, the indicator lights are located in the holes on the body, it looks very cool. At the top of the column is an area NFC, with the work of the sensor did not have problems, try with the Sony Xperia Z3. Under the massive plug connectors are positioned 3.5 mm and microUSB for charging. Very well, that Sony provide the ability to connect the gadget in two ways, via Bluetooth and using an audio cable, only the most cost audio add to the package.

Review Speakers Sony SRS-X1

On top of that column body is protected from moisture standard IPX5 / IPX7, as stated in the Sony, even if you drop the gadget into the water, it does not affect the work. A huge plus when using the device near water.

On the body is a power button, it is also responsible for the activation of pairing, it is necessary to press and hold for a few seconds until the blue indicator light will illuminate. There are volume buttons, call answer key. Yes, this tiny speaker has a built-in microphone, voice quality is not bad. On the other hand – the playback controls, rewind, Play / Pause.

Review Speakers Sony SRS-X1

What else to add? The matt, fingerprints invisible. At the bottom – rubber sticker, column does not go on the table, even if you listen to music at full volume.

Sony SRS-X1: Operation time

Claimed battery life is 12 hours charging time – about three hours from the bundled cable microUSB. Ability to work while connected to a charger, this is a big plus.

Review Speakers Sony SRS-X1

Sony SRS-X1: Sound quality

One speaker 5W, I’ve already told you that miracles can be expected? Not worth it. Yes, this column has NFC, it is running on battery power for a long time, but the sound quality I was disappointed. There is such a mark called X-mini, small, and it is quite cheap the speakers, and so, this column will be comparable to the sound with Sony SRS-X1. The volume is small, the sound quality is poor, nothing can be said about any detail, nor about some nuances – something and somehow the speaker plays, and thanks for that. If you had a lot of these devices, you will be disappointed.

Review Speakers Sony SRS-X1 updated: January 15, 2015 author: John Malkovich