Power Supply Fractal Design EDISON M 750W: practical, reliable, minimalistic


Edison M is not the oldest line in the arsenal of Fractal Design. Therefore, these PSs are deprived of certain attributes of luxury, but their circuitry is implemented on the highest level. The ideal power source for a powerful gaming system with no frills is looming.

Swedish company Fractal Design produces not only computer cases of minimalist appearance, but also several series of power supplies with the 80 PLUS certification from “bronze” to “platinum”. EDISON M family makes up the average price of the device in the power range from 450 to 750 watts, with a standard 80 PLUS Gold.

EDISON M is inferior to brands TESLA and NEWTON of the same manufacturer, which cover a range up to 1,000 watts (and NEWTON addition carries marking 80 PLUS Platinum). However, from a qualitative point of view, circuitry of EDISON M applies no worse solutions. Noticeable savings touched only external characteristics – cable facilities, fan size, thickness of the walls of the hull and so on.

The article tells about the top model in the line – Fractal Design EDISON M 750W. Like most modern PSs, it may give almost the entire nominal capacity to the bus of 12V, which is not divided into separate “virtual circuits”. Electronics provides a comprehensive set of protective circuits – short-circuit, over-voltage, current, power, and so on. The device is certified as 80 PLUS Gold.

Most necessary cables (24-pin ATX, processor power cable and one PCIe cable) are soldered to the power supply. The rest of the cable plant is modular. Cables are flat, with a standard thickness wire (AWG 20). “Hose” of CPU power is long enough to reach the connector on the motherboard without problems when installing the power supply at the bottom of the housing (700 mm).


As a result, the cable set is as follows:

  • 1 × 24 (20+4) contacts;
  • 1 × 8 (4+4) contacts (CPU power);
  • 1 × 8 contacts (CPU power);
  • 6 × 8 (6+2) contacts (additional power of PCIe boards);
  • 10 × SATA;
  • 5 × Molex;
  • 1 × Floppy.

Appearance of EDISON M matches the style of computer cases Fractal Design. On the hollow wall of the block flaunts firm snowflake.

Steel of the casing is relatively thin, and in general – the device looks quite unassuming.

But looks are deceiving in this case, since it is difficult to present any claims to the components of EDISON M. OEM-contractor for Fractal Design is the company Seasonic.

The insides of the PSU are cooled by the fan Ong Hua HA1225H12F-Z with size of 120 mm on the basis of hydrodynamic bearings – reliable and quiet. However, information about the time of its MTBF has not been found.

Radiators on the board are of completely toy size for such a power, which allows to immediately make some assumptions about the circuitry of the block.

At the entrance is PSU EMI filter with a comprehensive set of components – two CX capacitors, three

pairs of CY capacitors, three-phase chokes. Surge protection performs varistor.

The diode bridge in an assembly with its own radiator is designed for a current up to 15 A – for 750 W power it is more than enough.


Power Supply Fractal Design EDISON M 750W: practical, reliable, minimalistic updated: January 18, 2016 author: Darina