Power supply be quiet! Z1-650W form Power Zone Series


With the craze for all gamer stuff, manufacturers of computer accessories have expanded the product range and are now offering solutions not only for enthusiasts, but also for fans of video games – still, there are much more of the latter than the fans to dig deeper into the “hardware”. Moreover, the product for these two categories of people is no different, except that sometimes, for gamers it is brighter in appearance, whereas they are almost identical features. And if everything is more or less clear with peripherals, as the mouse or the keyboard with extra buttons or ergonomic design really simplifies the gameplay, but it is hard to say what special properties has, for instance, gamer memory. Fortunately, in most cases, advanced products are offered at the same time to different audience, and enthusiasts will hardly upset with gaming solution.

Today we look at power supply be quiet! Z1-650W from Power Zone Series, designed for the “discerning gamers” and enthusiasts. As you can see, it is not without gamers, but how power supply will help them, in addition to the stability of their parameters, then again it is not clear, because the properties of these devices for any application must comply with the published specifications. But as a solution for demanding users our ward is very good. This series includes units with capacity from 650 to 1000 watts, which correspond to the certificate 80 Plus Bronze, supports energy saving modes C6 and C7 Intel processors and have a low noise level. In addition, this series devices have a fully modular design, as well as allow you to connect up to three case fans, and the propeller of the unit rotates a few minutes after turning off the system. And, of course, the Power Zone models have excellent appearance and are quite capable of competitively price.


Number of loops will be enough to raise even a powerful gaming system, and cable length will be enough to place the power supply at the bottom of the system unit:

  • One 24-pin connector for the motherboard power supply (60 cm);
  • One 8-pin (4 + 4) connector for a processor (70 cm);
  • Two with two 8-pin (6 + 2) connectors for PCI-E (55 cm) video card power supply;
  • One with four power connectors for SATA-devices (55 + 15 + 15 + 15 cm);
  • One with two power connectors for SATA-devices and two IDE (55 + 15 + 15 + 15 cm).
  • One with two power connectors for SATA-devices, two IDE and one FDD (55 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 cm).

Due to lining, the power supply switch is bit sunk in housing that will prevent accidental pressing, and in general, it adds some design highlights to this model.

However, the grating that protects the fan from foreign objects, also emphasizes the originality of execution of the device and is made in the corporate style in the form of string, but here they are painted and look brutal, precisely matched to the block.

For the convenience of plugging of the cables, all the connectors on the inner wall are signed, and each correspond to the dimensions of its type, so it will be difficult to confuse, if not impossible.


Power supply be quiet! Z1-650W form Power Zone Series updated: January 10, 2017 author: Darina