Particular Qualities of SteelSeries Apex M500

All multipurpose PC keyboards for gaming are as fine as they are going to be. All keyboards possess it’s own full RGB lighting and a diversity of sizes and forms. And every exceed out of mainstream on it’s own way.

SteelSeries created the Apex M500 keyboard ($100) with the reliance in the rival area of struggle. Every part of this appliance works for you: accessory feature quality mechanic switches and just enough lighting permit to get the mission done, and charger a perceptible amount less than it’s contestants. While the slight-touch keys will not suit everybody, and macro entry could be a bit easier, it’s still a promising peripheral that perceives identically at home with tourney play, or just hitting back.SteelSeries-Apex-M500-1Design

There is nothing astounding about the view of the Apex M500: black colored and full-size keyboard, but neither additional macro keys nor divided media controls. Additional buttons for play, volume and pause are very convenient for using.

The Apex M500 also establishes superior using of space. Keyboards for gaming can be a bit cumbersome than they really may be, but the M500 dimensions 17.3 x 5.4 inches without feeling bounded, thanks to enormously narrow boundaries and well-spaced keys. When you are acting with a keyboard, which might need to journey with you from trip to trip, you can observe a superiority of Apex M500 in contrast with other similar products.


The cable administration system – is one peculiarity, that merits particular mention. There are three notches for fastening the keyboard’s capability cable on the keyboard’s bottom. This guarantees that if you need to dispatch the cable right, left or central, it won’t get entangled on anything. You will be openly surprised that you have never seen this devise before, because this is such a resplendent all-purpose appliance.


Initially, vocational gaming keyboards used original Cherry MX keys. Subsequently, several companies progressed their competitive technologies. The good thing that the Apex M500 employs Cherry MX Red keys, but the inconvenient thing that it doesn’t propose any alternatives. Red switches are silent and soft, Brown switches are steadfast and silent, and Blue switches are steadfast and bustling. There are others, but they are not employed as common.



Red switches and their gentle touch are a satisfactory pick for eSports, but there’s no distinction between Reds, Browns and Blues in capacity. Every particular player has preference, that is why it’s strange to see a keyboard attempt to railroad clients towards just one key switch. Some people find Cherry Reds are as fine as mechanic key switches possess, but for others it is choice between the M500’s splendid design, and a competition that proposes Brown or Blue switches. Cherry Reds are excellent for typing.


The Apex M500 operates on SteelSeries Engine 3 software – an engaging, dynamical and intuitional program that’s not precisely needful for such a simple keyboard. If you download the Engine 3, you may register macros, appoint the functions of any keys or toy with the lighting.

Unlike more costly RGB keyboards, it has only blue luminosity; you can establish at varied levels of intensity and brightness effects. Although it looks weird for a blue-colored keyboard to employ Cherry Red keys, it’s still an enjoyable color.


The SteelSeries Apex M500 desires to gladden eSports gamers, and that’s precisely what it does. Between high-grade keys switches, a streamline design and intuitional software, the peripheral proposes what rival players require, and excises what they don’t. It’s confessedly missing a several features that get standard with keyboards for gaming, like a pick of switches or foolproof macro registration, but it’s also lacking those keyboards’ costly prices. For $100, the Apex M500 is a splendid purchase, although your real enclosure will be the period and diligence it takes to acquire an eSport.

Particular Qualities of SteelSeries Apex M500 updated: May 12, 2016 author: Darina