The overview of the new elegant HTC 10 with pretty good features


About ten years ago, HTC mobile devices had a leading place in the markets — they were powerful multimedia marvels with pretty good sound and screens. More lately, and less effectively, the enterprise produced phones that aimed directly on iPhone fans and accepted a confusing naming designation.

The HTC 10 model attempts to regain the enterprise status, and it makes a pretty hard job for it. An unlocked GSM release of the phone is available for reservation at the enterprise’s website for 700 $ in either gray or silver, for shipping in the beginning of May.

Excellent shape and dimensions

The HTC One falls more organically into your hands. It is deep as the most models at its thickest but rather narrow at the edges, it. The device surface is covered of aluminum; it has a luxurious heft, solid and doesn’t catch fingerprint stains.

At 5,75×2,8 inch, it is a quarter-inch larger in both orientations than the iPhone 6S and approximately a tenth of an inch larger in breadth and higher than the Samsung model – Galaxy 7. At 5,7 ounces, it’s heavier than the iPhone’s 5 ounces and the S7’s 5,4 ounces. The display is 5.2 inch diagonally.

The power and volume controls are placed on the right edge; the power switch is structured to help recognize it. The smartphone uses the independent SIM and micro-SD cards drawers for. There is headphone jack on the phone top and power connection of the USB-C is on the bottom.

The metallic housing has polymeric inset about the headphone jack and two horizontal polymeric bands through the back side.

The display is a quad-HD LCD, 2560×1440 pixels at a 564-ppi solution, it has Corning’s Gorilla Glass protecting.

The device packs a 3000 mAh non-replaceable battery-type, larger than the 2800mAh battery of its typical models. The smartphone has a USB-C port to charge, and enterprise services indicated that because USB-C can relocate power in either orientation.


The phone can support Quick Charge 3.0 and catch a 50% charge in 30 minutes.

The HTC 10 has the common array of wireless connectivity – Wi-Fi up to 802-11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC and GPS — and motion detectors.

The protection system

Duplicative applications have been a difficulty in the Smartphone world for a long period. Carriers and manufacturers often saturate phones with applications that are already accessible as part of Android in an attempt to capture mindshare or eyeballs.

The HTC continues its policy of deemphasizing what had been its distinguishing HTC Sense UI. The location you could particularly observe the Sense legacy is in the Application drawer, which browses vertically in return horizontally.


The basic camera has 1,55-micrometer pixel size and 12 megapixels with an f-1.8 slot. It has RAW-format stills and can be shot 4K videos and. The functional options of the front camera are: 1,34-micrometer pixels, 5 megapixels with f-1.8 aperture and more 1080p recording of video.

All two cameras can provide stabilization of the image, which HTC claims a first. As with some phones in this line, there are characteristics such as manual mode, slo-mo capture and panorama. The company makes a Zoe Capture option, which has several seconds of video ahead of the picture clicking, in contrast Apple’s Live Photos.


Visions and Sound

The Snapdragon processor carries good enough, and at brilliant outdoor light the LCD-screen is sensibly visible. The smartphone has two separate loudspeakers, single for lower bottom frequencies and the other one for higher top frequencies. The mobile sounds fantastic, given the physical restrictions of the device form. Nobody will mistake the device for the audio system – Hi-Fi or other Mid-Fi, but it sounds better than many other phones.

The HTC makes excellent work into hands free listening. You can form the audio curve playback to match the frequency resonance of your own hearing and the headphones. Musical compositions on the smartphone have been great listen through headphones.


The device is more elegant than the LG or the Samsung. There is no one headline-grabbing characteristic about the HTC new model. It is just a truly good device from an enterprise that is stand back on its initial process — if users are ready to pay this price.

The overview of the new elegant HTC 10 with pretty good features updated: April 19, 2016 author: Darina