NZXT Manta Case for Mini-ITX motherboards


Brand NZXT always pleased their fans with a unique chassis design, which is not found at other manufacturers. And with the new Mini-ITX case called Manta, they remained true to their own style. Although the layout of the chassis as a whole is quite standard, the main feature is disclosed in the rounded contours of the front, side and top panels, which gives it a very nice look. Equally entertaining looks convex side window, which certainly will appeal to all fans to show off their components. A set of classic colors (black, black and white, black and red) will not leave anyone indifferent. There is even an option of the case without side window, executed in a completely black color. In general – they have tried to please everyone. But enthusiasts tend to be more interested in the functionality of the case than its appearance. So, let’s look at NZXT Manta in more detail.

Set of fasteners for the case is in a small white box and expanded in separate signed sachets. There are:

  • sticky NZXT logo;
  • Product Catalog;
  • instructions for assembly;
  • 20 cable ties;
  • Four screws for fans;
  • Four screws for the power supply;
  • 12 small screws for mounting 2.5″ drives;
  • 12 screws for mounting the motherboard and 3.5″ drives;
  • Phillips screwdriver adapter for mounting the motherboard racks;
  • One replacement rack of the motherboard (the other four are already installed in the tray).

As mentioned above, NZXT Manta has rounded outer panels, so, what the reader will see in these photos, is true and is not a consequence of optical distortion. The front panel is composite – steel plate is glued on a plastic base, which gives it a refined look. In front, there is nothing but a small and unobtrusive NZXT logo at the bottom in the middle. Ventilation holes are located in the side and bottom of the recesses.


The main external ports and LEDs are gathered on the front of the top panel. On the left, there is a round button of the system power. Reload buttons are not provided. In the middle, there is a narrow strip of slot indicator. It glows white and sometimes winking, notifying the system is accessing the drive. On the right in a row, there are two 3.5-mm audio connector and two USB 3.0 ports. Since they are arranged vertically, they will accumulate dust, and require regular cleaning.

The rear panel, as a whole, looks like a standard. At the top, there are three vent slots. Grille of 120 mm exhaust fan is located in its usual place. Its mounting holes allow you to adjust the height of the position of the propeller in the range of 30 mm. There are only two expansion slots, they are closed with ventilated reusable plugs, which are held with special vertical bar with two thumbscrews. Unobtrusive LED-backlit control key is lurking in the middle of the left side, near the panel of the motherboard ports.

NZXT Manta supports installation in a vertical position of motherboards of exclusively Mini-ITX format. Declared by the manufacturer is admissible height of the CPU cooler is 160 mm. According to our measurements here can stand 163 mm tower. Possible length of expansion cards in both slots reaches 363 mm, without front mounted fans. The permissible length of a standard power supply is up to 363 mm inclusive, but we recommend not to exceed 210 mm in order to preserve the possibility of a normal routing of cables and installation of the bottom of the 3.5″ drive.

The seat for power supply unit is separated from the rest of the volume of the decorative shell with a luminous NZXT logo on the sidewall. The upper part of the housing is tilted slightly to one side and has a plurality of ventilation slots. This is to ensure that air can somehow come to the graphics card from the bottom.

In the front in the housing, there is a small square neckline for broaches video card power cable. And then – 70 mm deep neckline, which can put the CBO radiator of 240 or 280 mm caliber. Fans can be taken to the outer part of the front panel under the cover.

In front part of the motherboard tray are placed two trays for installation of 2.5″ drives. Each one is held in place with knurled screw. The protrusion in the middle, between the motherboard and trays is an element of cable management, concealing wires for a way that is visible only to their connectors.


NZXT Manta Case for Mini-ITX motherboards updated: February 10, 2017 author: Darina