Noctua has announced two one-fan super-coolers


The company Noctua is known to anyone who ever faced with the task of selecting a custom cooler for your computer system. Its products are deservedly among the best on the results of all tests, and fully justify their hefty price. Recently the company announced two new super-cooler, equipped with 140-mm fan – NH-D15S and NH-C14S. The first of these is a classic tower form factor, and the second uses a layout with overhead fan.

These models are not completely new, and represent one-fan reissues of proven two-fan models known to enthusiasts. Both coolers are designed to ensure that they do not overlap the top slot PCI Express. NH-D15S has dimensions of 160 × 150 × 135 mm (H × W × D), so it is suitable only for the owners of sufficiently deep cases. Weight of the fan is 1320 grams. Noise level without additional adapters is less than 24.6 dB at an output of 82,5 CFM.


NH-C14S is more appropriate for owners of compact cases and cases such as HTPC, as its height, even with the fan, does not exceed 130 millimeters. Weight with one fan in the new version does not exceed 850 grams. As NH-D15S, NH-C14S uses a proprietary mounting system SecuFirm2 and is compatible with the overwhelming majority of existing and currently used in the processor socket, from LGA775 to LGA2011-3. The noise level in this model does not exceed 19.6 dB at an output of 65 CFM. Massive supplies of new products in retail chains are expected in the nearest future, the price will be $75 for the NH-C14S and $80 for the NH-D15S.

Noctua has announced two one-fan super-coolers updated: August 12, 2015 author: Darina