The new CoWatch with amazing operating system


Perhaps, the smartwatch is not the most useful device, but today many companies suggest a method to associate some  digital assistants – Google Now and Siri. Soon It will be able to append Alexa of Amazon to that listing, if iMCO and Cronologics have this way.

The CoWatch runs Cronologics OS. This is a smartwatch engineered by Chinese enterprise iMCO-Technology. This information sounds familiar, because the team of the company have been provided the operating system for the well-known modular smartwatch block, which got approximately 1.5 million dollars in funding from their Kickstarter action.

The device, which is presented on Indiegogo, has the same characteristics as the most similar device nowadays. It monitors people fitness activity, including the heart rate, and it is possible to customize the watch face.

There is the voice assistant of the Amazon with cloud-based integration – Alexa. You must get past talking to wrist and then ask Alexa questions. For that way you can promptly and simply have a traffic report, taxi call, or control your home progress.

Metal and Ceramic

The iMCO company has been chosen a round smartwatch form with a  black or silver stainless steel design. There is a Super-AMOLED display, at a solution of 400×400 pixels. The device has been charge by a dual-core 1.2 Ghz processor, with flash of 8GB. The enterprise claims that the smartwatch will last up to thirty two hours of normal using, even with an always turn on screen.

There is also a ceramic rim on the watch bottom side, which could be customized by color. This wonderful Watch is the first device that use ceramic and is an interesting ceramic trend being used in Xiaomi’s OnePlus X and Mi5.


Along with the watch face customizing, you can also choose a several band, like a leather type. The CoWatch may be paired via Bluetooth with iOS device and Android.

Operating System Cronologics

Cronologics OS still has a far way to make a unimpeded experience. There were several hiccups when Leor Stern with Cronologics CEO gave a look at the operating system with Android  base, but as he claimed the software is not done yet, and will be more improved as the device launch has been neared.

The OS is resemble to some other launchers of Android Wear that is offering right now, such as Black Pujie. It is possiple to set each subdials to whatever application you like tapping on a sub-dial on the watch face. Swiping left and right on the watch face will go through more applications you have pre-install in those dials.

The OS lets people send messages and suggests the classic “garden variety” fitness tracking characteristics. Alexa has same highlight, and Stern want so much to ask some questions.

“Please, remind me to get toner,” Stern said — and Alexa adds “toner” to his usual list. And then he told to Alexa that it turns his “bedroom off,” demonstrating how he can use this smart home.


Stern, who support foundation of NianticLabs at Google, claims that Alexa is the best cloud-native solution. Siri operates only on iOS and Google Now best work is for Android devices.

“By wearing Alexa on your wrist, you have availability to not just for the ecosystem of Amazon- not just own home – but also all of the ecosystem, which Amazon has been improving very good”, Stern said to Digital Trends.

But the CoWatch biggest obstacle is to get designers to build applications, tools for users and watch faces. Stern says that it is “never trivial.”

“The CoWatch is a irresistible device, it’s coming out at the best point,” Stern said. “We belive to make it advantageous and noteworthy for people who want to progress”.

The CoWatch starting price in the Indiegogo campaign is about 160 dollars, and the action will include different accessories and perks, like some watch bands for initial followers.

The retail edition will cost approximatetly 280 dollars through iMCO website and different retail partners. The device will be in Indiegogo campaign supporters in June.

The new CoWatch with amazing operating system updated: April 22, 2016 author: Darina