Mouse Rapoo V280


The main profile of Rapoo is, of course, a wireless periphery for PCs and mobile devices. However, today, it is inappropriate for any manufacturer to limit itself to such a narrow segment of the market. So Rapoo, obviously, decided to experiment with gaming devices and created a line of VPro, so as to visually divide two areas of their business for the public. In which kind VPro will be positioned in the long run, the company itself probably does not know. In the meantime, we have a chance to get acquainted with one of the most variegated products in the lineup – the Rapoo V280 mouse, which has a colorful illumination and pretends to be a “game” one. Let’s see if these claims are justified in reality.

The packaging of the mouse is made in a vivid blue-and-black cast and it can even be called informative. However, in order to extract this information, we will have to thoroughly read into the small letters of the description, mixed one after another in five languages at once. This option is difficult to describe to be successful.

The package consists only of the mouse itself and instructions to it. There are no spare legs or other pleasant trifles in sight.

The Rapoo V280 mouse has a very good and in some ways even solid appearance, in comparison with other devices in this price category. The upper panel is made of rough plastic pleasant to touch, has matte color. In front of it, there is a silver insert, on which there is a scroll wheel and a selection key. The shape of the body is asymmetric, taking into account the anatomy of the palm of the right hand. The tips of the panels of the main buttons are pointed.


The left side of the mouse is made of translucent plastic, the most part of which is covered a tenacious rubber surface with a texture in the form of small pimples. The transparent contour is highlighted, separately in the anterior, middle and posterior zones. Exactly in the center there are two additional keys of medium size, they are pressed smoothly and gently, the stroke is even, without significant return. The sound of the switches is soft.

The shape of the case Rapoo V280 is executed for the right hand, and it will be inconvenient to use it with the left one. The manipulator is not bad for finger or palm grip. Impressive weight is supplemented by an obvious imbalance of its distribution towards the stern of the mouse along the longitudinal axis.

There are three Teflon legs at the bottom of the mouse – two in the front and one in the back. Initially, they have unobtrusive transparent transport films, and if you forget to remove them, the mouse will not slide. The sensor with a bright visible red light is located exactly in the center. The sensor was identified as Pixart PMW3320DB-TYDU, with a nominal resolution of 3500 dpi, multiplied in this case by half, using the built-in ARM chip. In case someone wants to disassemble the body of the manipulator, we note that one screw is under the front legs and two more – at the corners, under the rear part of the stickers with the serial number.

The mouse supports RGB backlighting, realized with six LEDs, located along the left and right sides of the case. Visually, the outline of the sidewalls, the scroll wheel and the insert around it, and the logo are highlighted on the outside. Due to the position of the diodes, the colors smoothly flow into each other within the three illumination zones (front, middle and rear).


Mouse Rapoo V280 updated: April 21, 2017 author: Darina