Mad Catz showed the mad game controls


We all are accustomed to the fact that all the credit for the most extravagant things at various exhibitions of electronics, computer hardware and computer peripherals departs to the company Razer. At least the rule has always been so in the case with the international exhibition of electronics CES. However, this year the company Mad Catz was able to surprise the visitors so that everyone actually forgotten about such giant as Razer.

Look at the picture above. What do you see? Four gamepads? Not really. In fact, you’re looking at four different configurations of a single gamepad Mad Catz LYNX 9 which costs $300.

When folded, it fits perfectly even not very spacious pocket.

And tilting a special clip, you will get a comfortable gamepad to play on your phone.

Need a full gamepad? Bend the two metal handles and get a very comfortable game controller with analog sticks…


…and even an optical touchpad and keys duplicating mouse buttons for use with PC, controlling media features, as well as built-in microphone for voice control, say, for your Android-powered device with the appropriate support. The ultimate controller by Mad Catz offers comfortable analog stick, convenient buttons, comfortable D-pad and even the presence of analog triggers.

Want a more comfortable grip? Simply connect the special extenders that will provide a more comfortable arrangement of the game controller in your hands.

You need something to type, and have no full keyboard near? Connects to the lower end of the gamepad miniature QWERTY-keyboard – and create the most versatile controller for your computer.

Almost forgot: pressing a special button in the center of the gamepad, you can detach the handles…

…and then attach them to a special base, which can be attached to any 7-inch tablet for a more comfortable game.

The cost of the entire set will be $300. The package will also include an HDMI-cable, which will connect the mobile device to the TV and bring picture with the game to the big screen. According to the assurances of representatives of Mad Catz, a single charge of the new controller is enough for 30 hours of active playing.


What are you saying? Real gamers use only a mouse and keyboard? In this case, you need a mouse R.A.T. Pro X, which is no less insane than the above gamepad. If you were not previously familiar with computer gaming mice line R.A.T. by Mad Catz, the first thing you should know that almost every one of them can be customized to fit the palm of your hand: the side panels for the thumb and little finger can be replaced with larger panels to increase the area (and even height) of an underpalm panel for easy location of your hands, not to mention the opportunity to increase the weight of the mouse by additional weights attached.

But this time the new mouse RAT Pro X also allows to extract a laser sensor and replace it with another, e.g. optical. The company plans to launch other versions of the sensor after the official release of the mouse. Thus, mouse R.A.T. Pro X will get a great foundation for the future, and if necessary, and if the player will need a new level of accuracy of the gamepad he won’t have to buy a new mouse. Suffice will be to only replace the obsolete sensor. In addition, the new gaming mouse offers the possibility to change legs. Teflon ones are initially installed, they could be optionally replaced by ceramic ones.


Huge modifications undergone the scroll wheel of the gaming mouse. Now it has its own independent optical sensor and a mechanism to accurately adjust the force required for each scroll of one division. In addition, there is provided a change of the wheel surface. If desired, a rubberized “tire” will be replaced by a metal.

The very same scroll wheel will be installed on an analog rocker. Through this pressing the wheel to the left or to the right is not accompanied by a corresponding click – wheel will now operate as an analog joystick.

Underpalm panel of the mouse can now be tilted and fixed up to 15 degrees to the right or to the left, which allows making capture even more ergonomic.

Comfort in the management of the data handler is added by the materials used: the mouse buttons are covered with a superhydrophobic coating reducing the accumulation of sweat on them at a very intense game. The frame is made of magnesium alloy making it possible to reduce the total weight of the gaming mouse. But the insertion of carbon fiber on the panels for thumb is used because… because the carbon fiber looks cool, that’s why!


Mad Catz showed the mad game controls updated: October 16, 2015 author: Darina