LG brought to the exhibition a set of OLED-4K TVs


Despite the emerging technology of quantum dots, LG continues to promote TVs with OLED-displays. To do this, they brought at CES several interesting novelties.

According to TheVerge, at CES Korean company showed several TVs with 4K resolution and based on OLED-technology. It is reported that these technologies show much more colorful and juicy picture than its competitors.

It is worth noting that LG showed several models with different diagonals, as well as versions with curved TVs and flat screens. Diagonals of devices may vary from 55 to 77 inches, in addition, they will relate to different design lines.


One of the lines is called Art Slim and is based on the concept of “floating” TV, which kind of hangs over the stand.

In addition, LG makes a major emphasis on the sound system built into the new OLED-TVs. It is reported that the acoustics were developed in conjunction with Harman/Kardon, and has a much better sound quality.

The cost of new products is not reported, but it is not less than 10-15 thousand dollars.



LG brought to the exhibition a set of OLED-4K TVs updated: July 1, 2015 author: Darina