Intel was commissioned to create the world’s fastest supercomputer Aurora

Intel was commissioned to create the world's fastest supercomputer Aurora

Intel has announced the signing of a contract with Computing Centre, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) US Department of Energy for the supply of two next-generation supercomputers. The systems are designed for the Argonne National Laboratory.

Contract is part of a multi-million US Department of Energy initiative, which provides equipment Argonne, Lawrence Livermore national laboratories and Okrizhdskoy supercomputers that will be in five to seven times faster than most of today’s high-performance computing systems. This initiative is aimed at strengthening US leadership in scientific research.

At Intel, noted that the company acts as the general contractor for the creation of a supercomputer for the first time in the last 20 years. The company will work with Cray, a supercomputer in question will be based on a scalable environment, Intel’s high-performance computing, including processors Xeon Phi, and become the next generation of supercomputers Cray. A System called Aurora is expected to create 2018 Its peak performance is projected at 180 PFLOPS (1015 floating point operations per second). For comparison, the Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-2, who heads the November edition of the Top500 fastest supercomputers in the world, demonstrates the figure 33,86 PFLOPS.

As stated, Aurora will be used to create more powerful, effective and long-lasting source of power, biofuel development and disease control, improved transport systems, creating a more efficient and quietest engines; the design of wind turbines and the selection of optimal locations for their placement.

In addition to Aurora, scheduled delivery of the second system – Theta. This computer performance 8,5 PFLOPS should be put into operation as early as next year.

The contract amount – $ 200 million.

Source: Intel

Intel was commissioned to create the world’s fastest supercomputer Aurora updated: April 10, 2015 author: John Malkovich