Intel prepares new budget processors Haswell


It is quite a lot of time till the announcement of processors Intel Skylake – they will be presented only in the third quarter, and, as usual, the first processor, which will be launched, will become productive models Core i7 and Core i5. Budget options – Core i3 or Pentium will appear later. But before that, the company plans to update the current line of processors with micro-architecture Haswell, releasing seven new models of Pentium and Core i3.

Under the brand name Pentium, will be released the following models: G3260, G3260T, G3460T and G3470, and line of Core i3 chips will replenish with i3-4170, i3-4170T and i3-4370T. All of them will have frequency increased by 100 MHz with regard to the current models – G3250, G3250T, G3450T, G3460, i3-4160, i3-4160T and i3-4360T. The new processors will be dual-core; however, Core i3 will have the support of Hyper-Threading. Most chips will have 3 MB of L3 cache and a Core i3-4370T will get 4 megabytes.


Core i3-4170 is a conventional processor with a frequency of 3.7 GHz and TDP of 54 watts, while the models with the suffix “T”, Core i3-4170T and i3-4370T are economical options with low power consumption and TDP of 35 watts. Their frequency is 3.2 and 3.3 GHz, respectively. New processors Pentium will be positioned approximately the same – two of the four new products will be the usual (Pentium G3260 and Pentium G3470, 53 watts) and two (G3260T and G3460T, 35 watts) – with reduced energy consumption. Prices, unfortunately, are still unknown.

Intel prepares new budget processors Haswell updated: June 25, 2015 author: Darina