CNE-CMSW1BL: Zen Mouse


At the beginning of their spread, all personal computers (they were called IBM-compatible) looked like twin brothers: housings, monitors, and even keyboards with mice – everything was made of the same dull gray-beige plastic. But look at them today! You may want to pick up both the system units cases and input devices of almost any shape and color.

A great example is a family of wireless mice Canyon CNE-CMSW1, among which we would like to highlight an option with deep saturated blue color – CNE-CMSW1BL. Blue is the color of wonder concentration, peace, stability and relaxation. Despite the fact that the perception of color and color preferences of different people are different, the researchers did find a number of laws that are common to all.

Contemplation of rich blue not only soothes, but also significantly lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate. Blue tone subconsciously helps a person to concentrate on the important ways to structure the information.

The aesthetics and symbolism are figured out, and we go further. On the technical side of the Canyon CNE-CMSW1BL everything is also all right: a maximum resolution of the sensor is 1200 dpi, two additional modes of adjustment the resolution in increments of 200 dpi using the digging of the scroll wheel, powered by two batteries, size AAA.

CNE-CMSW1BL: Zen Mouse updated: January 15, 2016 author: Darina