Bluetooth-speaker LG SOUND360: bottle with bass


New Bluetooth-speaker LG SOUND360 is distinguishes with loud sound and bright appearance, allowing the use of the gadget in the country, and at home – without worrying that it does not fit into the interior. But how really wide is the range of potential users? We have studied the possibility of the novelty and attempted to answer this question.

Earlier this year, LG Electronics has introduced to the public a new portable speaker from Smart Audio series, which has attracted attention because of an extraordinary appearance. But, as it turned out, it can boast not only the design.

The speaker comes in a box of white color, in the shape of a cylinder – looking like those, in which is usually sold expensive alcohol. This similarity inadvertently makes the user of LG SOUND360 think about the high quality of the contents of the box.

Package itself is extremely austere: with the unit in the original packaging was found only microUSB USB cable intended for charging and a short printed manual. Nothing more for the speaker is required, but it would be nice if there was a place in the box for some cloth bag to transport the unit to the country or a picnic.

Speaker looks extraordinary with its cylindrical lacquered plastic body. Someone will link these shape with elegant vase or even a female silhouette, but many people will see a bottle of yogurt. Speaker is slightly thicker, but generally lacks only the foil lid.

The user is prompted to select the color out of four options: black, blue, pink, and white. We got to test the white speaker with a soft cream color.


The speaker is set vertically, its base is made of a soft rubberized material. The lower part of the body is framed by a metal ring on which there are slots for air – here is the bass output. Here is also placed microUSB port for charging the internal battery and miniature LED power indicator.

From the viewpoint of the design features, the upper part of the speaker is substantially more interesting. On the flat surface, touch buttons are placed around the perimeter, framed by a decorative LED ring. The speaker is turned on by clicking on the upper part, which thus gradually extends up to a couple of centimeters. The lateral surface of the retractable part is closed with fine mesh – here is the speaker in charge of the upper and mid-range frequencies. The design looks futuristic. This “bottle” with a secret, which looks great on your home desktop, and on the lawn, and even on the shelf of the refrigerator!

Controls of LG SOUND360 should be intuitively obvious to any smartphone owner, who enjoyed using any Bluetooth-enabled devices. The speaker can be connected to the sound source by selecting it from the list of Bluetooth-enabled devices in the relevant section of the menu, and you can use NFC-module. In the speaker it is located beneath the upper sliding pad. The device is available for interfacing directly after switching, which is accompanied by flashing of bright blue LED ring indicator and sufficiently loud sound looking like the classic greeting some of the operating system.

At the upper end of the speaker with eight touch buttons, with which you can start or stop playback, make the transition to the next or previous track, adjust the sound volume, change the mode of operation of Bluetooth-module, implement EQ setting, and illumination display. The latter can be manually converted into a flashing mode, steady light or off at all. Said equalizer has only three operating modes: bass boost, treble boost and overall increase in volume.

It is noteworthy that the device can simultaneously connect directly to two Bluetooth-sources and switch between them during work. Even more interesting is that of two speakers LG SOUND360 possible to organize a full-fledged stereo pair. The speakers are combined with each other via Bluetooth-interface. But novelty lacks a very simple line-in for connection to audio sources without Bluetooth-interface.


Bluetooth-speaker LG SOUND360: bottle with bass updated: November 25, 2016 author: Darina